VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith - Bye Week

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media Thursday during the Huskies' bye week about the offense's self-scout, as well as his self-scout as a play caller. He also talked about dealing with turnovers and the USC Trojans as UW gets ready to face the Huskies a week from Thursday.

On how the coaches are trying to get in what they want to get done in a short bye week “We did try to just cram a typical bye week out of this thing, so we worked pretty hard on Monday looking at ourselves and getting ready for USC the next couple of days of practice, early introduction to USC here and also just some fundamental work that we found we needed to do on Monday. After looking at ourselves for four games on Monday, we worked on that as well as USC these last two practices.”


On what he found needs to be improved the most this week “Just general inconsistencies. We have some stuff that’s good out there and we just can’t continue to sustain it. It’s like a group effort. I look at the Cal game as a group effort too. We have a lot of guys on the right page and then one guy or two or off and that causes problems offensively. We went and looked at it, our inconsistency was blaring. Run game, we had some production there. That’s something we need to continue to work on. Pass protection and protection along with the quarterback trusting protection at times. Those went hand-in-hand as we looked at it. So there was a lot of stuff there.”


On what he’s found when reviewing his own play calling “What we found is when we stay on schedule we’re pretty good. What I mean by that is staying ahead of the sticks has been pretty good. I think at times we could have been a little bit more stubborn in the run game as I look at it, but it is what it is and we’ve got to go.”


On what he means by stubborn with the run game “Sticking to it.”


On if players also have to stick with the plan as much as the play caller “Oh yeah. It’s all hand-in-hand. I can sit here and make arguments that some of these calls were good, we’ve got guys open and we had missed some opportunities against Cal last game. It’s a group effort.”


On Jake Browning's relationships with the outside receivers “I think it’s good. Those guys work hard together. I think they’re on the same page. They’re very supportive. There are some times when they’re running routes and a receiver might feel like ‘hey, I should have gotten the ball there,’ but he doesn’t see the whole page of the protection and the coverage and what not, but I think it’s pretty good.”


On what he’s scouted from USC “There’s some team speed there, no question. They’re an aggressive group. They’ve got some talent, especially in the secondary, linebacker, end that they can run sideline-to-sideline. They’ve done a good job with that. They did a good job getting turnovers early in that Arizona State game. It’s a good challenge.”


On if the USC game means more to the players than any other game “I think that’s the only thing that kind of stands out is that we have a decent amount of kids from southern California and then playing down there is probably a little special for them.”


On how to emphasize the turnover problem “We’ve been emphasizing it for a while and we keep on looking at it. We’ve got to be able to hold on to the ball. In the pass game the interception issues are, decision-making, protection, consistency, precision on where I’m running routes and we’re going to keep working it.”


On if those issues are just growing pains with such a young team “We’re not going to accept it, but it’s not a shock that you’ve got some young guys out there that have some inconsistencies.”


On how hard it is for a young quarterback to trust the protection “It’s hard, there’s no question, but that’s what you have to do. There are times hen the protection is good I want you to stay in there. When the protection’s not good I want you to find a way to create, get outside, maybe throw the ball away, or whatever. That’s quarterback play.”


On if Jake Browning had the tendency to go backwards when he felt pressure in high school “No, he got the ball out pretty quick in high school. We felt like that wasn’t going to be his strong suit of getting outside the pocket. Early in this year he’s done it and got away with it pretty well, just Cal caught him a couple of times. There are just some times he needs to throw it.” Top Stories