VIDEO: Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease - Bye Week

Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease spoke to the media Thursday during the Huskies’ bye week about the receivers inconsistency, youth and need for physicality as UW gets ready to go on the road and play the USC Trojans a week from Thursday.

On how the fact that so many young guys get playing time alters this bye week “We go back and we really self-scouted ourselves and just tried to look at some of the things that we’ve all done and tried to cleanup some things, go back and get some of the basic repetition of some of the base stuff that we do. As far as the young guys go, Andre (Baccellia), he’s still in a situation where he’s not out on the field yet. It’s more for the guys like Isaiah (Renfro), Quinten (Pounds), Nik (Little), Max (Richmond), and John Gardener, those types of guys that we can get reps for.”


On the result of his self-scout “I think there are good things. We’ve got to be more consistent. We’ve got to be able to handle guys that are pressing us a lot more.”


On if guys like Forrest Dunivin are starting to emerge “It’s tough because if they’re in a redshirt situation we don’t see them as much; they’re not with us because they’re more running scout team so you don’t really know.”


On if Forrest Dunivin is redshirting “Yeah.”


On what fans can reasonably expect out of a guy like Nik Little “I think right now he’s a depth guy. It’s so hard to get him into game-type reps with where the other kids are at because we’re still young. If his number is called he’s got to be ready so you’ve got to take advantage of the reps that he has.”


On the difficulty of cleaning up the details of blocking on the outside “It’s more about a physicality part. I think the one think we need to get better at is just being physical out there on the edge on perimeter blocks when the ball is going to be thrown out there.”


On his assessment of the true freshman so far “I think they’ve performed in the moments. I think sometimes you definitely move through some growing pains. Each one’s a little bit different, but for the most part obviously getting good experience, but need a lot more.”


On if there ever is a switch that suddenly goes off for young players “Yeah it is and it’s kind of a matter of when you develop that confidence, but you also have to be hungry to do that. It’s all kind of a matter of developing that confidence, making a play, right now Isaiah (Renfro) had a fumble and he’s got to fight through that. You kind of make your mistakes along the way, sometimes they show up more and sometimes they don’t. You just have to work through it.”


On how you keep a young players confidence up after they make a mistake like Isaiah Renfro did against Cal “The main thing I told him is this, ‘you’ve got to forget about it and play the next play. The team is going to need you at some point in time for another play, so you’ve just got to go out. You’re capable of making that. You’ve got to work through the mistakes and bounce back.” Top Stories