VIDEO: Washington Center Siosifa Tufunga - Bye Week

Washington senior center Sifa Tufunga spoke to the media Thursday during the Huskies’ bye week about his group, his role as the quarterback of the offensive line, bringing along three freshmen and playing with them as starters, and what they’ve done well so far as UW gets ready to go on the road and play the USC Trojans a week from Thursday.

On what has been different about putting the new starting line together compared to last year “Just coming together with all the young guys we got, just bringing them up and being out there with each other.”


On if there was a notable difference when there was a lot of shifting around him on the offensive line “I feel like no. We all bring the same energy and we’re all out there to compete, so there was not big difference. I trust those guys and stuff like that.”


On what he’s been most pleased with in the first four games “Just being able communicate with each other. With all the young guys and stuff like that, for them it’s a lot of guys first college game, so being able to compete with the other teams and stuff like that.”


On the biggest area of need to work on during a bye week “Just continue to build off of all the stuff we’ve done and continue to improve each day in all our techniques and stuff like that and continue to trust each other more.”


On what he’s trying to impart to the younger guys “Just competing everyday. You make a mistake, everybody makes a mistake, but just move on to the next play and continue to compete.”


On if he feels like the line is getting it done “Yeah I feel like we are, there are just small details we need to focus on and get better on.” Top Stories