VIDEO: Washington Mens Basketball Coach Lorenzo Romar talks during Huskies Hoops Media Day

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar - Husky Hoops Media Day . Romar broke down all of his new players - all 10 of them - as well as all the other questions from the press leading into the men's basketball season in this 36-minute video.

We’ll start with the guards, I guess. 

David Crisp - stocky, aggressive, really good athlete. Strong, picks things up really well. Won a national championship last year at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. He’s excited about being a Husky.

Dejounte Murray - also played at Rainier Beach, won a state championship. Is very versatile, shoot the ball, pass it, dribble it, a guy that can make plays for himself and others. Long arms. I think that’s a recurring theme you’ll hear with our guys - a lot of length. We don’t have 7-footers, but we have a lot of length, a lot of like-size guys which will allow us to play that defense and get out in passing lanes. He’s one of those guys.

Matisse Thybulle’s one of those guys, big-time athlete. He ran a 4:55 mile when we ran our mile. That’s the best anyone’s ever done for us since we’ve been here. Matter of fact, as a head coach been doing this about 20 years and we’ve never had anyone break five minutes. He broke it with 4:55. Long, picks things up very quickly, is going to be a very good defender. Surprisingly will be a better offensive player than people think he will be.

Noah Dickerson is arguably our best low-post scorer right now. Really understands where he is around the basket. He can also step out and knock the shot down from the perimeter. I would say when you think of a Jamaal Williams who played for us who was a really good low-post scorer, Noah is somewhere along those lines. We got Jamaal when he was a junior, Noah’s a freshman. But he has the capability to be able to do that. Another guy who won two national championships at Montverde Academy, so he’s accustomed to winning.

Marquese Chriss - Outstanding leaper, has immense upside, has a lot of talent. He’s an exciting player to watch. Fast, good foot speed - he’s going to be a good one for us. Good shot-blocker. 

Malik Dime - Speaking of shot-blockers, he’s also a very good shot-blocker. Runs the floor, probably our most vocal player. Very enthusiastic, his teammates love him. He played in a national championship game at Indian Hills Junior College a couple years ago, so again is accustomed to winning.

Devenir Duruisseau is from California. Is about as solid a player as you want to find out there. Just doesn’t make very many mistakes. Doesn’t mind doing the dirty work. Loves to bang, loves to hit people out there and is also a quick learner for us.

Dominic Green can really score the ball. He’s fun to watch with the ball in his hands, because he’s one of those guys that for a lot of players it may be a bad shot but for him it’s not because he knows exactly where he is on the floor. He knows how to get to his shot, he knows the spaces on the floor where he is very efficient. He can shoot the three, he can drive the ball - really good offensive player. Another guy with length; all these guys have great length.

Matthew Atewe will sit out this year obviously because of the transfer from Auburn. Very strong, very fast, but we won’t be able to have his services.

Joe Knight is our newest addition who is a walk-on for us. He’s about 6-foot-7, 6-foot-8 and works really hard. Top Stories