VIDEO: Washington point guard Andrew Andrews talks during Huskies Media Day

Washington Basketball Media Day: Husky guard Andrew Andrews talks with the press on Thursday, October 1st as the Hoop Dawgs get ready to head to their fall camp in Olympia before their season-opener in China November 13th versus Texas.


How are you going to be different as a leader this season with so much change? - “Like you said, it’s a whole new team. We have nine freshmen? It’s like a new start. Every program goes through it. Actually I like the nucleus that we have. I think it’ll be good. The biggest thing for me is moving back to point guard. I don’t think my leadership role has changed at all. I feel like I’ve been a leader since I’ve been here.”

Is it on you to impart ‘Husky Basketball’ to the new guys? - “I feel like if they see me do it and if they are in a position where they can get it and go they’ll try and do the same thing. It’s been something that’s been set as an example. I think it’ll be good for those guys to see it, watch it on film - they’ve seen a lot of the old guys plays as far as Will and Nate, even Isaiah when he was here. I think they’ve already got it in their mind that we want to play fast, especially with the way we’re playing defense - so it’s kind of brainwashed into their minds.”

Any personal goals? - “I would say the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is showing that I can lead as a point guard. I was kind of leading as a secondary or second guard on the court even thought I wasn’t really a natural two, so just making that transition back because I haven’t played point guard in four, five years. Just doing that and making that a smooth transition.” Top Stories