VIDEO: Washington forward Marquese Chriss talks during Media Day's Kim Grinolds spoke Thursday, October 1st, with Washington freshman forward Marquese Chriss, who talked about the transition of moving away from home, what Seattle's like, early impressions of this year's Husky team, and who where the best players he faced during the summer open gyms. 


What did you do to your hand/wrist? - “I hurt it during practice last week. I’ll be sitting out for 3-4 weeks and I’ll be fine.”

Adjusting to being away from home? - “It’s good. It’s a little different not seeing my family every day but these guys are like my family. I talk to my Mom every weekend, talk or text.”

What’s already surprised you about being up here? - “The people. There’s a lot of different types of people. In Sacramento it’s a big city but it’s not like this where there’s a big source for sports. Having everybody here, I’ve never been a downtown guy, can’t really drive around like that. And just seeing so many people clustered together in one spot.”

Early impressions of the team? - “This team is really good. I’ve been on teams with good players, but never like this. All of us gel together and we play really well.”

Learn anything from the open gyms? - “Yeah. I talk to Spencer (Hawes) and Nick Collison a lot. They helped me with little things, give me some pointers on what I should and shouldn’t do, some things that will help me be a better player and leader.”

Who is the best player you played against during the summer? - “In open gym? It would have to be either Jamal (Crawford) or IT. Both are really unpredictable in what they are going to do.”

Anybody getting on you yet? - “No. It’s more like tough love. They get on you if you do something wrong, but you know it’s criticism to make you better. You take it and embrace it and try and get better.” Top Stories