VIDEO: Washington guard Donaven Dorsey talks during Husky Hoops Media Day

Washington guard Donaven Dorsey spoke with's Aaron Beach during Husky Hoops Media Day Thursday, October 1st, about his physical transformation during the off-season and how that's going to result in the Lacey, Wash. native moving back to his normal position outside on the wing. 


Talk about the last six months and your physical transformation (lost 22 pounds) - “Coach Romar told me that last year, in order for me to get on the court and play, I would basically have to play the four man because of the way my body was and my conditioning because of my previous year - my senior year - and breaking my ankle. So I got out of shape. He told me this year, after last season I was going to have to transform my body. I made that a mission this summer, just come out and bust my tail every day. Lost about 22 pounds and trying to get back to my old self, back to 208 (pounds). I worked hard to get back to where my weight is.”

How has that weight loss transitioned to on the court improvement? - “I’m a lot quicker, a lot more agile. I’m not just a shooter anymore. I can get to the basket and create for my teammates.”

How is your role going to be different this year? - “I guess I’m kind of considered a veteran because there’s so many new guys, so I kind of have to be able to take on a leadership role with Dan and Drew and other guys who are still here and be able to lead. If guys have questions, answer ‘em.”

Are you moving back to the wing? Still playing the 4? - “I’m moving back to the wing, permanently.” Top Stories