VICEO: Washington forward Matisse Thybulle talks during Husky Hoops Media Day

Washington freshman forward Matisse Thybulle spoke to's Aaron Beach about the transition from high school to college and also how he feels he'll fit in offensively and defensively. They talked during UW's annual Husky Hoops Media Day, held Thursday, October 1st. 


About the experience going from high school to college - “It’s been great. It’s been better in some ways than I expected and a lot harder than I thought it would be. It’s been the greatest basketball experience I’ve had to date. I’ve gotten so much closer with the guys and have gotten to learn and grow so much that it’s unreal. It’s awesome. Starting at Skyline I was going to a school that was dedicated to the football team, so the basketball team didn’t get much love. Going to Eastside Catholic, turning a program around and turning fans into basketball fans and now going to U-Dub where we’ve got a whole state behind us - it’s a dream come true. It’s crazy.”

What do you bring to the table and what do you think your role is going to be? - “I think I can do a lot of things defensively with my natural abilities. With that, we’re going to get a lot of transition play. I’m pretty athletic, so the sky is the limit. With me bringing defense and the rest of the guys bringing what they’ve got, it’s going to be pretty fun.”

What do you see this team doing that’s different than what you saw from this team last year? - “We’re going to be aggressive on offense and defense, but mainly defense. You’re going to see a lot of denial and pressure all around. From that, it’s going to lead to a lot of transition play. That’s fun play, so it’s fun to watch.”

How do you see yourself fitting in offensively? - “I’ve been working a lot and with this offense I can use my skills to where we need to be offensively. With my skill set I fit in well and it helps me show what I’ve been working on. Ever since I’ve been here…literally the only thing that can stop me from where I want to go is me. I have every resource, every person I need to push me to get better.” Top Stories