VIDEO: Washington forward Noah Dickerson spoke during Husky Hoops Media Day

Washington freshman forward Noah Dickerson spoke with's Kim Grinolds Thursday, October 1st during the annual Husky Hoops Media Day about his transition from the south to Seattle, playing in the Seattle summer hoops culture, as well as getting ready for trips to China and the Bahamas.


How are you adjusting to Seattle? - “I love it up here. It’s kind of cold, getting kind of cold now. Atlanta’s still pretty hot. But other than that I love it up here.”

School an adjustment? - “Not really. I went to college prep school that prepared me for what we have to do up here, so it helped me pretty well and I think I’ll be successful.”

Talk about playing summer ball here with your teammates and the pros - “I’ve never been in a culture like that where a lot of guys want to play open gym with a bunch of college kids. It’s amazing. Just watching them you learn a lot about how to play the game, things you can do to get better. That’s pretty cool.”

How have you changed since you got here? - “Smarter on defense, the way coach Romar wants us to play on defense. It’s kind of the same defense we learned at Monteverde Academy, but it’s just a lot faster. The speed, faster thinking. But it hasn’t been very tough yet.”

How hard has Romar been on you guys so far? - “Not that much. Not very much.”

How about the trips to China and the Bahamas? - “I know a lot of us are excited for the China trip. It’s kind of a long flight. Trying to figure out what to do for the flight. We get to meet a bunch of people, see a bunch of sights. You take a class on it. It’s exciting to go there and see it all.” Top Stories