VIDEO: Washington guard David Crisp talks during Husky Hoops Media Day's Chris Fetters spoke Thursday, October 1st, with Husky freshman guard David Crisp, who talked about coming back to his hometown after a year back east playing prep ball and winning a championship with Brewster Academy, and what it's like getting coached up by former UW star Will Conroy.


How does it feel like to be back in Seattle? - “It feels great. Back at home so we can show everybody what we’ve got this year.”

What was it like to spend the year back east at Brewster? - “It was really good. It helped me take a year to develop and be more mature. It helped me out a lot school-wise too, develop study habits and stuff like that. That year was really helpful for me.”

Already seen some of that work at Brewster carry over to now at UW? - “With school and homework, we had homework there every day, so here that translated over so it was nothing new to me. On the court we had a lot of college-type practices with early workouts and multiple workouts in a day. That transferred over to here.”

What’s the biggest thing you learned there on the court, playing in such a tough league like that? - “The game is more physical and a lot faster than when you’re in high school. Every mistake you make? They’ll expose you. They are capitalizing on all your mistakes and nothing slips by. Everything is noticed.”

Before you went to Brewster, what were your thoughts about trying to bring UW back to what it was like when you were growing up? - “It was always on my mind. My sister went here, and that’s when Isaiah (Thomas) was going here. They had a really good squad, and I was like I want to play for them. Knowing I was committed, this next year I can’t to get back next year and bring the program back to where it was.”

Does it add a little extra having a Seattle guy like Will Conroy on the staff? - “Yeah. It’s really helpful knowing he played here and is one of the best point guard coming through here. It’s very helpful. He gives us tips because he’s experienced it first-hand playing, so he gives us pointers that help us out a lot. He’s tough. We’re all tough. We’re not scared of nothing and ready to work. Hard work is nothing new to us.” Top Stories