VIDEO: Washington Guard/Forward Dominic Green talks during Husky Hoops Media Day's Luke Mounger talked Thursday, October 1st, with Washington freshman guard/forward Dominic Green during the annual Husky Hoops Media Day about staying close to home, bonding with the other local players, and  how they've brought others in to recreate a family atmosphere around Washington Men's Basketball. 


Did you talk to the other Washington-based players about coming to UW, and did it factor into your eventual decision? - “It did. We’re all close to home. It showed we want to stay here for our city, for Washington. We didn’t want to go nowhere else. We want to represent all the smaller towns that we came from. I also knew them, so it played into it. Better playing with some people I know than going somewhere where I wouldn’t be comfortable and difficult getting into the system.”

A chance to bring UW Hoops back up and also solidify the Seattle hoops scene? - “Yeah. For the rebuilding part, it would be like we’re brining more dudes from Seattle. And that’s we mean by rebuilding. It’s not just guys coming in and out. It shows we want to be here and show people in Seattle we want to help the team win again and bring back the memories of what it was like when BRoy and Nate Robinson were playing and stuff, Isaiah Thomas - names like that.”

Because of so many Seattle-based players, that helps build early chemistry? - “I think it’s positive chemistry. It’s nothing negative because we all want to be here together and play. Everybody’s already comfortable with each other. It’s a family. Everybody else knows that. So the other dudes that come in from out of state or out of the country, we help bring them in, bring them closer. Andrew has been a good leader helping us do that. The chemistry has been good.” Top Stories