VIDEO: Washington freshman forward Devenir Duruisseau talks during Husky Hoops Media Day

Washington freshman forward Devenir Duruisseau spoke with's Kim Grinolds Thursday, October 1st, during the annual Husky Hoops Media Day about adjusting to life in Seattle, what has stood out most about him being in the Emerald City, as well as the best player he played against all summer. 


Adjusting to Seattle? - “It’s been the best three to four months being here, just the scenery and the lake right there - it’s very different than LA. I’m not a very fast-paced type of guy and adjusting to Seattle, it’s like home now. It’s probably the place I’ll spend the rest of my life in.”

Been to the lake? - “Been to the lake, jumped in the lake, waterskiing, I’ve done all that.”

The team has done water drills? - “We have. We’ve been in the pool, we have a couple guys that don’t know how to swim. Malik (Dime) is terrified of water. When we did our pool workouts, he would have to use floaties. Him and Matthew Atewe are very scared of water, and they’re the biggest guys. We gave them a hard time.”

What’s stood out the most about being here? - “I didn’t know how athletic the guys were on this team. Just playing 5x5 with the guys has been very eye-opening. Just realizing they can do more than score; they can defend and they can rebound. I didn’t know how great coach Romar was as a person on the court and off the court. That was big. Just a genuine person. He’s a great guy.”

Has he gotten on guys yet? - “He’s been on us. He’s not as nice as people say, on the court. He’s been on us, especially getting us ready for the year. He’s not as laid-back as people say he is, but he’s definitely been on us. He’s not going to let things slide.”

Most impressive guy you played against this summer? - “Probably Dejounte (Murray). He has a drive and it feels like he never gets tired. He’s going to do very well this year.” Top Stories