VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith talks about the USC Trojans

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media Sunday ahead of Washington's game against the USC Trojans Thursday in Los Angeles. Smith talked about Jake Browning's continued maturity and if his experience at Boise State will help him in a hostile Pac-12 environment, as well as if there will be any emotional benefit from the upperclassmen playing against former UW Head Coach Steve Sarkisian, now at USC.

On if anything jumps out about USC’s defense that he may have seen already “I think scheme-wise it’s not out of the ball park, they’re similar to what we do defensively putting three down so that shows up a little bit. They’ve got some athletes running around. They’re pretty good, so we’ve got our work cut out for us.”


On if it feels like a half bye week because of the Thursday kickoff against USC “Yeah, a little bit. It went half-and-half looking at ourselves, trying to get some things cleaned up and getting a couple extra days for this next game. It’s been good. I think the guys have been working hard. I thought today’s practice was good. Good energy and guys are getting close to being ready to go.”


On what he needs to see from Jake Browning to feel comfortable he’s taking the next step forward “I think he is in regards to he’s got four games under his belt, he’s shown some improvement in recognizing some coverage and things like that. He’s still just got to continue to be smart with the ball; take care of the ball not only throwing it but when he’s running with it and extending the plays. We’re pleased with his work ethic and where he’s headed.”


On if his experience playing Boise State on the road will help him when he travels to Los Angeles “This will be his second road game. It’s a hostile place in Boise, this place is not an easy place to play on the road, and so I’m sure he feels a little bit better having been a starter on the road already.”


On if noise is a concern this week “I think at times it can get loud, especially on the bigger downs, third down, when you get in the red zone, or you’re backed up. I don’t think it’s as loud as some other places we’ll play.


On if Jake Browning is at the point where he can audible and change plays “He’s got a little bit of that right now. Not a ton, but he does have the ability to change a couple of things out there.”


On if there’s a benchmark date for when he’ll have the ability to change anything “I think it’s probably, like you said, all of a sudden he starts showing some signs of really seeing it so well that we give him more freedom, but right now we don’t.”


On how long it takes for emotion to build up for players that are facing the guys that recruited them “Yeah, I think it’s short lived. It really is. A lot of talk leading up but you get out there and see a familiar face pregame, but once the thing kicks off I don’t think it has much of a factor.”


On if the coaches experience with returning to Boise helps them deal with this week’s situation with USC better “Maybe a little bit, there are some similarities there. We continue just to talk about ourselves and put emphasis there. Like I said, once the game’s kicked off I don’t think it’s much of a factor.”


On if any of the seniors or juniors give any tips about what to expect facing Steve Sarkisian “I think there’s so much change. There hasn’t been a whole lot of that.” Top Stories