VIDEO: Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser - USC Trojans

Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser spoke with the media Sunday as the Huskies prepare to travel to Los Angeles and take on the USC Trojans Thursday. He spoke about trying to build continuity and if the young freshmen are starting to get acclimated to playing as starters and chemistry between the players in the starting unit.

On how much continuity there was this bye week getting the starting five going and getting them ready for this week “None, like usual. A couple of guys were dinged up. We tried to get a few guys fresh again, so we moved guys around like we have been. That’s just kind of our status right now. We would like for those two practices last week to have the same five guys go, but we had a couple of guys that were kind of nursing some dings that were older guys that just needed a day off.”


On if players are starting to feel comfortable knowing they might not lineup next to the same guy week after week “I don’t think they’re caught off guard by it. That was one of our things in our group going into this season was that we knew guys were going to need to have versatility. I don’t think anybody’s at all surprised by it. Nobody has flinched. I give them great credit for that. That doesn’t make it any easier but they’ve had a great attitude about it.”


On how bug the bye week is the growth of guys like Trey Adams “It was great for those guys. Fortunately, those were not the guys that were banged up so (Trey Adams) and Kaleb McGary and Jesse Sosebee, those guys got to get a lot of reps last week which was really good for them.” Top Stories