VIDEO: Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens - USC Trojans

Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens spoke to the media Sunday ahead of the Huskies' Thursday night game in Los Angeles versus the USC Trojans. Mickens, once committed to the Trojans for a year before signing with the Huskies, talked about going home and playing in front of friends and family, as well as playing against the coaching staff that recruited him to Washington.

On going back home to LA and if he’s been looking forward to it for a while “Probably ever since I was born either I was going to be playing for them or I was going to be playing against them. I was a USC fan forever. Now I’m a Husky fan and a Husky player, but it’s exciting for me and my family and also exciting for this team.”


On if he got an offer from USC “I did have an offer and I was committed to USC. Some things happened with myself and Lane Kiffin, but now I’m here and I’m ready to go over there and show them why.”


On if he’s ever played at the Coliseum before “Never played in the Coliseum. Always been, since I was a kid, when I watched football games or high school championships but never really put my cleats into the grass,”


On scrambling to get tickets for friends and family “It’s insane. I need like 80 or so tickets, but I got as many as I could. It’s insane.”


On who’s driving the hardest bargain to get tickets “You already know momma is making sure hers is first, she doesn’t have to ask. Anybody with the last name Mickens and all my friends from Dorsey, from middle school, from a lot of places that I knew people previously.”


On how big of a deal facing coach Sarkisian is “It’s not going to be a big deal because (Steve) Sarkisian isn’t playing the game, we’re playing the game. Sark can’t go out there and block, he can’t go out there and through the football, so this game isn’t against Sark; this game is against the Trojans. It’s in the back of your head that that man is the one that recruited you, you felt comfortable enough to sign the letter of intent and ultimately have him be a father figure in your life because that’s who you’re going to see all the time. For him to do that and go over there I respected it and I’m excited to play against him.”


On if it’s weird at all facing coach Sarkisian “No, not for me. The football is going to snap and the pads are going to click-clack and the ball is going to be gone so it’s going to be the same thing.” Top Stories