VIDEO: Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens - USC

Washington receiver Jaydon Mickens talked to the media post-game Thursday night after the Washington Huskies upset the No. 17 USC Trojans 17-12 at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

On how big the win was “This is big, but it’s no surprise to me and my teammates because we worked hard for this. We had two weeks to prepare for this team. They were the team we knew they were going to be. They came out and fought hard, they made big plays, they’re a big play team, and we came out with a win today. We executed.”


On if the Coliseum lived up to expectations “It was pretty cool, but I’ve seen bigger games like Notre Dame where the whole stadium was packed. This atmosphere, it’s something I can’t even explain; I can’t even describe it. It was amazing. The atmosphere was amazing.”


On if he talked some smack “I don’t think it was smack talk; I was stating facts. I can’t let you know what those facts were that I stated. I wouldn’t know and you wouldn’t know.”


On what caused the run game to spark “The lineman. The lineman made their blocks; they read their keys. Dwayne Washington and also Myles Gaskin with so much patience and versatility to stay behind those lineman and hit that crease when it opens up. Ultimately, he was our work horse tonight.”


On if how he felt before the slant he caught to move the chains and seal the deal “Yeah I feel like I’ll have success on any route. That’s how you have to be if you’re a receiver. AS a receiver, if you’re covered, you’re open. I worked a route, I broke across his face, and Jake Browning threw a great ball, good enough for a first down.


On what it meant to beat coach Sarkisian in LA “It meant a lot. It wasn’t all about Sark. It wasn’t all about USC. It was about coming in and beating a great football team and a great program at that. We have so much respect for USC. As an individual I have so much respect for USC because it’s a hometown team. I was a Trojan fan, now I’m a UW fan, but it always lives with you and always breathes with you, so it was exciting.”


On if beating Sark ever came up in conversation with his teammates “No. I didn’t think about wanting to beat coach Sark at all because once you think about beating somebody that’s not even playing then you make your first mistake. I understood that we were playing the USC Trojans and we had to come beat the USC Trojans and prepare for them and that’s what we didtonight.”


On if he talked to the old coaches “Yeah, pregame and after the game. We showed love, nothing really lovey-dovey, just respect and have a good game.”


On how it feels to have fans booing because he’s beating their team “I really don’t look into the fans. I play ball. We play ball. We really don’t care about the fans because the fans can go up and down. It depends on how we’re going to take that ball up and down the field. That’s what we need to do and that’s what we did tonight.”


On the final ticket count “I had about 26 and my family bought about 40." Top Stories