VIDEO: Washington Quarterback Jake Browning - USC

Washington quarterback Jake Browning talked to the media post-game Thursday night after the Washington Huskies upset the No. 17 USC Trojans 17-12 at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

On the defense's performance “That’s a talented offense. We were having some miscues on offense here and there. They battled. Keishawn Bierria, Azeem Victor, and Darren Gardenhire, they played hard.”


On not being surprised by the defenses performance given he battles them every week in practice “They’ve played well all year too. They’ve been primed and ready for this and obviously they came out and performed and that’s a huge part of why we won.”


On if it was frustrating to not score on the first three drives with good field possession “I think that’s one of the biggest things when you talk about getting more game experience. Yeah it’s frustrating but you have to move one. Maybe the first couple of games I kept thinking about all the missed opportunities. We had two touchdowns that we missed on one drive and those were totally on me, and just getting passed that and keep competing taking it play-by-play.”


On what ignited the running game “I don’t know. We’ve been saying it’s an attitude and stuff like that. I think the line blocked really well. Myles (Gaskin) and Dwayne (Washington) and all them did a great job running through the holes and making the most out of what they could and keeping the ball locked up; they were stripping at it.”


On if lessons from close losses helped him in tonight’s close win “Definitely. I think it’s a little different when you’re ahead, but yeah. Of the two losses we’ve had we’ve been in clutch situations both times to go down and win it. It’s a little different scenario; instead of the two-minute you’re in the four-minute offense and you’re executing it, practicing it a lot during the week. It went well.”


On if the Sark story buzzed more in the locker room “I think it buzzed maybe a little bit among the guys that were here underneath him. I knew him from recruiting a little bit but I didn’t play for him so it’s a little different. The (Travis) Feeney’s and all the older guys, it’s obviously pretty cool. I think you down play it until you win, then it feels pretty good.”


On what a win against USC means for the Southern California guys on the team “I think every California guy. USC is a big program here in California, so to come down and beat them in the Coliseum, a lot of our guys are from LA or Long Beach and all that, so to be in their own arena and beat them is pretty big.”


On if USC is different than any team they’ve seen “I think every team is a little different. Everybody runs different stuff and has different personnel. You just have to take it week-by-week. You can’t really compare them.” Top Stories