VIDEO: Washington Safety Budda Baker - USC

Washington safety Budda Baker talked to the media post-game Thursday night after the Washington Huskies upset the No. 17 USC Trojans 17-12 at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

On if the Coliseum lived up to expectations “Yeah, loud and proud, the traditional USC. It’s a great time playing against them.”


On when he knew he was going to play “For me, I knew starting on Monday. I did a little bit of drills and everything. It was real weak. It still is weak, but I just tried to work it out more and as the game progressed it started feeling better.”


On Cody Kessler “He’s a great quarterback. I know they like to get the guys horizontal so they can use their playmakers. He did that a lot and took some shots.”


On if he was surprised they didn’t run as much as they did “Yeah, I was surprised. They were gashing us on some runs, but at the end of the day our d-line and linebackers got it together. They started getting to the ball and we got some stops.” Top Stories