VIDEO: Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory - Oregon Ducks

Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory talked to the media Tuesday about how well the linebackers are playing as a group, as well as how much Keishawn Bierria has improved from last year as the Huskies prepare to face Oregon Saturday night in Seattle.

On how well the linebackers are playing “Well, they’re improving which is good. That’s what we talk about, improving every single day and every week. I think we’re getting better, which you want to be able to do during the course of a season.”


On Keishawn Bierria “I think (Coach Sarkisian and his staff) did a great job recruiting him. I remember when I was at Boise we certainly liked Keishawn (Bierria). We didn’t have a chance to get the guy. He’s really playing at a high level right now, and hopefully he keeps improving too. He had a great game against USC.”


On the improvement of Keishawn Bierria from last year to this year “Huge jump, a huge improvement between this year and last year. I think he learned a lot from a guy like Shaq (Thompson) playing behind him. He’s patient and very diligent in his learning. He’s going to come into his own a little bit.”


On the importance of patience “I think these days there’s not a lot of patience sometimes. Kids want to play right now, I want mine right now, but he did stay patient and stayed after it, along with Azeem Victor. All of those guys are really staying after it and in a constant state of improvement we always talk about.”


On the chemistry between Azeem Victor and Keishawn Bierria “I think there’s a chemistry there. I think there’s a chemistry in out whole linebacker unit. I think there’s a chemistry in our defense. Our guys are feeding off each other a little bit and they know that we’re generally a little bit of an underdog, which is okay. We’re playing hard.”


On if the first two plays of the USC game set the tone for the defense “I think so, but it’s a four quarter game; it’s a long game. I think we were still playing very hard into the game as well. Most defenses seem to start fast early, you just have to keep it going through a long college football game.”


On how well the linebackers are playing together “We lost some great players last year, but I think these guys are really playing together as a team, which is nice.” Top Stories