VIDEO: Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake - Oregon Ducks

Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake talked Tuesday to the media about the importance of the secondary contributing to stopping Royce Freeman and Taj Griffin, as well as preparing for all the different quarterbacks Oregon could feature in their game Saturday at Washington.

On the scout team members that are replicating the Oregon rushing attack “We have a couple of guys back there. I know Jomon Dotson is a young, fast guy that will be a Taj Griffin type of back for us back there. We’re going to emulate some sort of speed. Those guys have been doing a good job all year long of replicating the offenses and they’re going to come to work this week.”


On what he needs from the fans Saturday night “I’m so glad you brought that up, because I remember back in the ’91 years, all those years, how the stadium was. That was when they were rolling national championships. I think over the last decade Oregon has given their fans a lot to cheer about with all their success and it’s almost become like Autzen Stadium is the loudest on the west coast. I would love to see this stadium rocking and rolling from the start to the finish, first down, second down, and third down when the defense is out there, not just third down in crunch time. Let’s go every single down. We’re going to need you.”


On Royce Freeman “I think Royce (Freeman) is the best running back in the country, in my opinion. I think he’s going to be a top-10 pick. I think he has unbelievable size, elusiveness, speed, he has great vision, and I think he runs hard. This guy is a once in a decade type running back. Just like I said a few weeks ago I think Jared Goff was the best quarterback we were going to face; this is the best running back we’ll face all season long. It’s going to be all hands on deck. We need all 11 Dawgs hunting and trying to get this guy down on the ground.”


On if it’s difficult to prepare given the Oregon quarterback situation “Not really. These guys are a system offense. They’re running the same system they ran when Mariota was there. We’ve seen all three quarterbacks on tape. We have tape of Vernon (Adams) and tape of the other two. We’re prepared for all three whether one starts, whether two go in, whether they rotate all three, we’re extremely prepared for all scenarios.”


On if it helps to look back at the film from Eastern Washington last year when looking at Vernon Adams “No, not at all. If we were playing a Beau Baldwin, then I definitely would. Beau is an unbelievable offensive coordinator. He rolled into Autzen Stadium with his third string quarterback and put up 42 just a couple months ago. Last year he put over 50 on us. He put up 49 on Oregon State in a win last year. I think they scored 50 in an overtime game. He’s got an unbelievable offense and thankfully we’re not playing that scheme.”


On what he’s heard or noticed about the Oregon-Washington rivalry “I definitely feel it from the fans. In the offseason if I’m with Oregon people or I’m in a situation where there are Husky fans and Oregon fans it is a rivalry for sure. We have to make it a rivalry though. Obviously they’ve gotten the best of us for the last decade and so that starts becoming not a rivalry but a beat down. We have to do something about that. We’re all Dawgs. Even though we haven’t been here for all the losses in the past, we have to correct it for all the former Dawgs. It’s going to be a hard fought game and I think the players understand the magnitude of this game.”


On the key to stopping Vernon Adams if he plays “This is a way different offense than he ran last year. Beau Baldwin is an unbelievable offensive coordinator. He puts up a lot of points every single game he plays. He put up 50 last week, put up 42 in Autzen with his third string quarterback, and so thankfully we’re not playing that scheme. This is a completely different scheme. This is a more run-oriented scheme that Oregon has, so we have to stop Royce Freeman first-and-foremost. When they put Taj Griffin in there we need to stop him. If we can handle those two guys then advantage Dawgs.”


On the stress Oregon’s deception adds to the Husky secondary “A ton, and our linebackers. They do a heck of a job because they establish the run; establish the run and now you’re starting to donate more guys to the box to go stop the run and all of a sudden that ball gets pulled out and the ball’s getting thrown down field. That’s why in years past, and even this year, you see wide-open receivers some times and Mariota was throwing the ball to these wide-open guys and that’s because they’re trying to stop Royce Freeman and that running attack. This is a physical running attack and we have to make sure we stop the run.”


On how much the confidence from the USC game will help this week “We have a lot of confidence coming off of last week., obviously a very talented team in USC, going down to their turf. Now we have another talented team coming to our turf and they’re backed up against the wall; they’re coming off a hard loss. We’re going to get their best effort that they’ve had all season long. We have to make sure we bring ours.” Top Stories