VIDEO: Washington BUCK Travis Feeney - Oregon

Washington BUCK Travis Feeney talked about his fourth time playing Oregon this coming weekend and how it could be easier to play them now that a lot of other teams are running similar offenses. He also talked about winning Pac-12 Player of the Week honors despite not being Washington’s defensive player of the game, who was Darren Gardenhire.

On if he sees Oregon as a down team “No those guys aren’t down. Those guys are going to fight. They lost two close games and just one blow out game. Those guys were in the fight for two of their losses. They’re a good team. They’re going to come out to punch and come out to fight. They’re definitely not a bad team at all.”


On how they plan to slow down Oregon’s run game “We just go in there and just try to stuff it and just play our technique; nobody try to do other people’s jobs and just do your job. Everybody swarm and tackle.”


On if he thinks this defense is more equipped to stop that kind of an offense than last years defense was “I think just now we’re more tight-knit on the field, more confidence in the guys right now. We’re tight-knit and close. Coming off the win guys have a lot of confidence and a lot of belief in each other Guys are backing up each other and not getting down on each other. I think that’s really what helps it out the most.”


On how this defense has been as successful as last year even with all the players they lost “I think it’s guys knowing that they had to step up, guys being prepared to step up, and guys like me and Tani (Tupou) and older guys that have played like Cory Littleton definitely instilling that confidence in the players and making sure they don’t get down. If they get down we pick them back up, and just making sure everybody is up and ready and motivated.”


On if it’s been a frustrating week for Azeem Victor knowing he can’t play the first half “He’s definitely mad, but he knows that he’s going to come back in the second half. Scotty Lawyer is going to hold it down. He’s going to do his job and then we get Azeem (Victor) back in the second half and we just go on from there.”


On what he’s seen from Scott Lawyer “Scotty’s been doing good. Scotty’s been getting in there and playing reps and getting a lot of reps in the games as well. He’s definitely a guy that can be starting just as much as Azeem can. He’s going to do good.”


On how the defense plans to clean up the late hits “We just have to watch out around the quarterback. If we’re going to hit him we have to make sure to wrap. We can’t just shoulder a guy and try to hit him near the head or anything. They’re going to be close; even if calls weren’t near the head they’re always going to be protective around the quarterback. We just have to be careful around to quarterback.”


On if there’s anything they can take from last year’s Oregon game that will help them this week “Nothing other than motivation to turn it around. That’s really what it is for me. I look at that game and I get frustrated and I just want to be able to put up a better fight. We definitely didn’t fight it in that one it felt like and we need to turn that around.


On Royce Freeman “He’s a good back; he’s a top back. The way he’s been playing this year says it all. There isn’t really much more to say about it. The guy’s fast and strong; he runs tough.”


On if he’s excited to get a second look at Vernon Adams if he plays “Definitely, I’m eager to play. I want to play against the best guys. If he’s supposed to be one of the top guys then that would be great. If not they have two other quarterbacks who are good guys too.”


On how his opinion of Vernon Adams changed from when he first stepped on the field against Eastern last year to when he stepped off the field that day “Not much. We knew he was a good quarterback coming in. We knew he could throw the ball. Nothing really has changed. He’s a good quarterback; the guy can fling it.”


On if the rest of the PAC-12 and other teams have caught up to Oregon’s tempo, making it easier to prepare for and get used to “I definitely think it helps when people run a lot of the same offenses and try to run the hurry-up. You’re used to it now, because almost all the teams are running it. We just played USC who was running a quick pace. It’s not like a different change-up now going from USC to Oregon, because they’re the same quick-paced offense. It helps out a lot.”


On what he remembers from playing Oregon the first time “I remember the first time it was fast. I definitely was out of breath right off the bat but as I got older it got more comfortable just not thinking as much.”


On winning PAC-12 defensive player of the week but losing Husky defensive player of the week to Darren Gardenhire“Coach just said G-man was the player of the week and that’s just how it is. I got player of the week from the guys and everybody at the PAC-12 Network. I’m fine with it. We have to share the love.”


On how much better this defense can get “We can definitely get better. We can stop making some little errors. Sometimes I make little mistakes breaking the edge and not keeping them outside and forcing the ball back in. Just little things like holding your gaps and responsibility and coming up in film and just not missing tackles.”


On if he feels the defense has shown their full potential “There’s still potential to grow. I think we’re definitely close. We’re close to where we really can be. I like where we’re going right now.”


On if the defense has a group personality yet “I think the personality of the defense is just people underestimated us and we’re just trying to be crazy and trying to be maniacs on the field, showing all the energy and aggressiveness and anger from everyone doubting us, proving it on the field.” Top Stories