VIDEO: Washington Receiver Dante Pettis - Oregon Ducks

Washington Receiver Dante Pettis talked about what went well during the Huskies' 17-12 over USC and how important a win over the Oregon Ducks would be this weekend in Seattle. Washington has lost to Oregon 11-straight times.

On what he’s noticed about Jake Browning's maturity “He’s just really resilient. It doesn’t matter what happens; he throws a pick and he’ll come back the next series like ‘okay, let’s go.’ He’s always rallying people no matter what happened to him. I don’t really think of him as a young guy because he’s been with us since last winter. He’s been here for a while so I don’t really see him as a young guy trying to lead us. I feel like he’s right there with me.”


On if he feels that him and the other receivers getting open will eventually lead to big plays through the air “Definitely. You probably saw in the USC game, there are opportunities to make big plays; we just have to fine tune a couple things and get it done.”


On if the losing streak to Oregon bothers them even though they haven’t been around for most of it “Yeah. Even though I wasn’t here or I wasn’t part of it, once you get here you’re still part of that tradition. It does a little bit but at the same time you don’t really want to hold on to that; you want to focus on the present and focus on getting better for your own team.”


On if the players have talked about the losing streak and how it’s time to end it “There’s been some stuff said about it but nothing really big. We want to focus on us, not really on that streak.”


On the Oregon secondary that has struggled and what he sees from tape on them “Nothing much. Nothing really stands out. They’re still a good team; they’ve just messed up on some coverages I guess. I guess that’s where the points come from. It’s not like they’re a bad defense or anything like that.”


On what the Huskies need from the Husky fans “A lot of energy. I want to see the stands completely filled. I haven’t seen that yet. I heard it gets crazy, so I’m looking forward to it.”


On what they worked on during the bye week that showed up against USC “I think our run game the most. In the USC game we ran the ball extremely well. I think during the bye week we worked on it a lot. I think that really showed up.”


On what they worked on to get more separation “That’s something as receivers we feel like we can always do. It’s not really like we put more of an emphasis on it. We just keep working and sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn’t.” Top Stories