VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith - Oregon Ducks

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith talked to the media Wednesday ahead of the Huskies’ Saturday night tilt with the Oregon Ducks about the importance of Oregon week, especially with his background as an former Oregon State Beaver.

On if he worries about kids getting too hyped for this game “I think our kids have been steady-Eddie with regards to just how we prepare. We know this is a process. I don’t think we are changing anything in our preparation this week. I think we’ll be ready.”


On how much the 11-straight losses eat at him “That eats at me a ton, I mean all of us. Anytime you beat the Ducks there’s nothing better. We’ll be ready to go on Saturday.”


On if it would feel better now to beat Oregon than it did when he was quarterback for Oregon State “Yeah. Time and place, right now, I mean, shoot, to beat those guys and where it’s at and where we want the direction of this program to go, it would be great.”


On if a win against Oregon would give the team more ‘juice’ “I think each win, especially against some of these programs, would be big. Again, we’ve got to get it done. USC was a good win, no question; we’ve got to go out and prove it week in and week out now. One win and we go out and lay an egg this Saturday puts a wrinkle on all of that. Each week is different and we have to be ready to go.”


On what worked in the run game against USC “I think we stuck to it. I thought we played pretty physical in the second half and stayed out there and kept grinding at it. We wanted an attitude from the offensive front in the run game and it showed in the second half.”


On missing a few open deep balls against USC “No question. A couple of those were early in the game; Jake (Browning) was a little juiced up. We have to continue to give him some chances at that. You’re not going to hit all of them but you’d like to hit maybe half of them, especially when we get some guys open like that. Hopefully we get a few guys open on Saturday.”


On big Oregon’s defensive front “Yeah, that front is a challenge. They’ve got some athleticism and size. I think they play physical up front. That will be a true test for us to see where we’re at in the run game.”


On if they plan to attack Oregon’s young corners like WSU did “Well, the Cougs are going to go after corners whoever you put out there. They’ve got some guys that they’ve mixed and matched out there, but at the same time we’re pretty young on the perimeter as well. That will be a part of the game.”


On how to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them “It’s a little bit of we need to start faster. We started; we went backwards after a couple of plays. We have to settle in and take advantage of some of that. Things get harder down there; everything is tighter in the red zone. That’s why you’d like to get physical and gain some yards going that way. We’ve got to start faster.”


On how much confidence the team gained after the USC win “You’d like to think we’ve gained some, there’s no question. I think we gained some confidence in our approach and trust in what we’re doing. At the same time, each week is going to be different and this is a good football team. Each week you’ve got to bring you’re ‘A’ game; you’ve got to prepare the same way with the same type of intensity. I think there was some confidence gained in our approach that progress is getting made, but you have to prove it week in and week out.”


On if this game means anything extra to him or the team “Our preparation is the same. I think anytime you beat a team in the northwest and a team you haven’t beaten in a long time, again, we’ve got to get that done, but our preparation has been the same.” Top Stories