VIDEO: Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser - Oregon Ducks

Washington Head Coach Chris Strausser spoke to the media Wednesday ahead of the Huskies' Saturday game against the Oregon Ducks in Seattle. He broke down each of the five starters, as well as how important it is to break Oregon's 11-game win streak in the series.

On what Siosifa Tufunga has brought in terms of stability “I think really good leadership out of him. He shows up everyday at practice, which usually gives you a good feeling going into the game that he’s going to show up as well. The guys in the group really trust him to be in there and run the show and do his job. He has really good energy on the field, which I think has a positive impact on guys that are in there and haven’t played a lot of football. Just to have his confidence in that huddle goes a long way.”


On the challenge of blocking for two very unique running backs “They don’t even know who’s in the game. They really don’t. For them up front it’s nothing different. We do what we do. There are certain plays that we know each of those guys runs a little better so from a play calling standpoint we get the right guys in for the right plays, but the guys up front don’t know the difference.”


On what they worked on during the bye week that showed against USC “I think typically bye-week you go back and look at yourself and see what areas you need to work more specifically on. Obviously fundamentals are always going to be a major area of impact for us. I think just our mentality of how we’re approaching things; we have a lot of young guys doing some thinking early on and just trying to get them out of that mode and get them to play fast and physical.”


On what earned Andrew Kirkland the starting at right tackle against USC “He’s been pushing good. He’s had probably three weeks of really good practice and shown up and done some good stuff. I had a good feeling about him going into the game. He’s been around here long enough that he knows a lot of the details of what we do. I thought he went out there and competed really well. He’d be the first guy to tell you there’s stuff that he needs to clean up, wants to clean up, and will clean up. In terms of how he competed, I was happy with him.”


On Coleman Shelton and his reliability at multiple positions “I think anybody has a chance to kind of take that next step as a player when you’re at one spot, but he knew going into this season that it was going to be a little bit of that mode for him. He’s certainly the one guy in the group that can do it based on his knowledge of the offense. He hasn’t flinched. I came up to him the week after whatever our last game was, before that, and said ‘let me see your right-handed stance.’ He looked at me and smiled and said ‘right guard, right?’ He knew.”


On what Jake Eldrenkamp brings to the table “Experience, athleticism, a guy that’s been around a long time, a smart guy, a guy that’s starting to have played a little bit of football now this year. I think that helps him out.”


On how big the USC win was for Trey Adams' improvement “For a guy like that it was really big. He played against really good opponents, and he went out there, competed, and did a lot of good things. He’s taking steps every week..”


On if it’s tough this week to keep the players focused before playing Oregon “I know this team was excited to play USC last week, so I hope they have that same excitement showing up game time to play Oregon as well. Every week is going to be a major battle for us in this league. In just the close locality and the guys that have been recruited by both schools there’s probably a little extra something there.”


On if players take it more personally after their team has lost 11 straight meetings with an opponent “There may be kids that are thinking that way. We haven’t talked about it at all because we have too many other things to worry about. We aren’t worried about what happened 10 years ago or 11 years ago. Obviously for the history of the program that means a lot, but for us right now it doesn’t do us any good to focus on that. There are probably some kids around here coming into their senior year that are pretty hungry to get a chance to go play a really good football game against Oregon.” Top Stories