VIDEO: Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha - Oregon Ducks

Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha talked to the media Wednesday ahead of the Huskies' Saturday night game with the Oregon Ducks about Myles Gaskin and the difference in running styles with Dwayne Washington.

On if he would prefer one back to emerge “I think at this point, with where we’re at offensively, I think one of the most important is the guys that are out there being productive. For me to say ‘this guy has to be the guy that’s going,’ I don’t really feel that way. The guy out there on field, I want him to be continuously productive and that’s really the most important thing to me.”


On if there are different defenses that Myles Gaskin or Dwayne Washington is better against “I wouldn’t necessarily say there are different defenses and defensive looks. I think their styles are so different. Dwayne (Washington) being more of your long strider guy and Myles (Gaskin) being more of your kind of scat back who has great feet, great vision, and can make guys miss in a small space. I think that’s really the big thing when it came to the past couple of weeks. We played Cal the week before, just some big gaping holes that Dwayne was able to open up a little bit. This past week Myles was able to make things happen just by being patient and using his vision.”


On if he anticipated Myles Gaskin having so many carries against USC “Believe it or not I’m not a psychic so I just kind of went with how the game played out. I’m glad it worked out the way it did. Myles was able to get some good experience out there. It has really been fun kind of watching him develop week after week. As I always say, as a group we just have to continue to be more consistent and get better each week.”


On if the patience that Myles Gaskin has is rare for someone his age “No, I don’t necessarily think it’s rare for someone his age. I think we saw it when we were recruiting him. I think his level of maturity and how he’s handled being able to play as a true freshman, the game hasn’t been too big for him. I think the first game was the only game where you could kind of sense he had a little bit of anxiety, but outside of that I think the most impressive thing is how mature he is and how much he can handle when the game’s going on.”


On if he scripts carries before games “I try to see who’s going to get the first couple of series. It kind of varies depending on the game and how I feel and how practice went that week; that could change as well.”


On what it was like to see Deontae Cooper balance school and football this summer “I think everybody knows that (Deontae) Cooper is an impressive kid and he was an impressive kid before he started balancing school this summer. With a guy like him that has such a bright future ahead of him, was I impressed? Yes. But am I surprised the way Cooper’s been able to handle it? Not at all. He’s just that type of kid. We’ll all hear about him doing something down the road because he’s just so mature. He’s able to reach out to so many people and do so many different things. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for him as a person.”


On how much Deontae Cooper means to the group and the team as a leader “I think he means a lot to the team. I think a lot of the guys respect him just with all he’s been through. The guy comes out here and works and grinds just as hard as everybody. He seems like he’s never having a bad day. He really is out there just competing like everybody else to be the best. He wants to get on the field and he’s continued working to get more and more opportunities in the game plan.” Top Stories