VIDEO: Washington Center Sifa Tufunga - Oregon

Washington Center Siosifa Tufunga talked to the media Wednesday ahead of the Huskies' Saturday night game with the Oregon Ducks in Seattle. Tufunga gave his thoughts on Oregon week and what it would mean to him and the team to break the current UO 11-game series win streak.

On Oregon week and what it makes him think about “It’s a big rivalry. Everyone is excited about playing this game; it’s a big game for us. We just have to keep doing our thing and continue to ball out.”


On if the losing streak against Oregon adds anything to this game “Yeah. A lot of us, we all think about that. Just trying to cut that streak off. We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do and continue to work and improve every day. When the game comes we’ll be ready to play.”


On what happened to fix the run game “Just guys coming to work and grinding everyday. It all starts in practice. We had a god week of practice last week. We were able to run the ball. We decided to bring that to the game too.”


On what his role has been as the one consistent presence in the middle of a line that has rotated a lot of players “Just being able to trust each other. Our o-line group, we have a tight bond. We know what to expect from each other. We set high standards for each other to be able to come out and compete and go as hard as you can.”


On what he sees from Oregon’s d-line “They have a good defense and good team. Their front seven is pretty solid. We just have to come ready to play and ball out.” Top Stories