VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen Thursday Briefing - Oregon Ducks

Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen briefed the media Thursday ahead of the Huskies' Saturday night game hosting the Oregon Ducks. He talked about the Ducks' run of success, as well as updates to injured players Dane Crane and David Ajamu.

On practice this week “Practice was good. I think the guys feel pretty good about how they played last week. Hopefully we built a little skill and built some confidence. We know we’re going to need that against the Oregon Ducks.”

On if he felt the USC win gave the team some extra ‘juice’ this week in practice “I know this, it’s a lot more fun going to practice after a win than a loss. I think the whole trick is if you can just keep taking small steps forward. I think the way you do that is if you play well. I think the guys know when they play well. Sometimes it doesn’t show up on the scoreboard, but it’s got to be progress.”

On some of the small steps that he would like to see his team take “I think it starts with practice, the mentality of going out to really get better. I think they were good this week. It translates to showing up to the game with a real sense of purpose. The final step is putting that all together and executing at a little bit higher level. I think every guy on this team puts the tape on from last week and sees ‘I’ve got to get better at that. I’ve got to get better at that.’ I’ve been saying it for a long time, as long as we can continue to keep that mentality and move forward, then eventually we’ll feel good about ourselves. We’re certainly not there, but we’re making progress.”

On if it matters that he won’t know who is starting at quarterback for Oregon until game time “It really doesn’t. That’s all their deal. We’re planning on playing an extremely explosive Oregon offense. Whoever the quarterback is, they’ve been explosive. They’re one of the leading teams in the country in scoring points, they run the ball as well as anybody, and they’ve got a really good play action pass game. To me, it’s the same old Oregon team.”

Was there anything when you were down at Oregon that would have given you an indication they’d become the machine they have? - “I think one of the huge keys to that…when I was there we kind of took it one day and one year at a time. You don’t look that far down the road. You’re always trying to take the next step with your program. I think there’s numerous reasons - there’s never just one reason - but I think one of the things is, they’ve had such tremendous consistency coaching-wise there - from the head coach to the assistant coaches. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there and I still feel like I know them really well. Half that staff was there when I was there. That’s a huge key to their success.”


Did you talk to the team about the streak? - “We weren’t here. It’s really about the here and now. Even if the streak was reversed, it’s about this game. That’s really where our focus is. Are we going to play as good as we can play? If we do, that’s what we can control.”


Are you to the point along the offensive line where all the guys are competing again and healthy enough to play? - “Everybody’s competing to play. That always changes day by day, game by game. But I think it was a good week of practice and we’ve got a lot of guys rotating through there and competing.”


It looked like Dane Crane had a procedure done? - “He’s had a procedure going on. He’s had some issues with his back, so he had a procedure. And we’re hopeful to get him back relatively soon. You’ve got to be careful with those things. A lot of guys have had the procedure and have still continued on, so we’re hopeful.”


So it wasn’t with the idea that he’s done for the year? - “No, not at this point it’s not.”


On David Ajamu - “We had one unfortunate thing. We lost David Ajamu for the year, and we lost him for the year in warmups. Those things happen. Planted funny at SC, so that’s why he didn’t play. That’s a hard one for us because David’s making such great progress. He really was. He was doing a good job. He won’t be back until next year. It’s a knee.” Top Stories