VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen Post-Game: Oregon Ducks

Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen spoke to the media Saturday night after the Washington Huskies lost for the twelfth-straight time to Oregon 26-20 at Husky Stadium. He answered questions about Jake Browning's health, using backup quarterback K.J. Carta-Samuels at the end of the game, and the general inconsistency of Washington's performance.

Opening statement “I think the bottom line is obvious. It was one of those games were we just didn’t play well enough. Really anywhere we were just too inconsistent. I thought at times we played some really good defense. I think our run defense was pretty good. That’s a powerful running outfit. I thought we did a pretty admirable job slowing those guys down. Where we got hurt the most was Vernon Adams scrambling around, buying time, keeping his eyes down field, and converting third downs. That was hard. On offense, again, we’re just so inconsistent. Untimely penalties, not converting third downs we really should be able to convert, those types of things. It just seemed like the timing was off. It seemed like you could feel some youth out there today. That’s my initial impression without studying the tape.”


On what happened with Jake Browning “Jake (Browning) hurt his shoulder a little bit the play before. His shoulder hurt so we put K.J. (Carta-Samuels) in.”


On if Jake hurt his shoulder the play before the touchdown pass to Jaydon Mickens “Yeah.”


On if he wanted to move faster on the last touchdown drive “I didn’t want to use a timeout for sure. I thought everything else was okay except for that.”


On if he has an update on Travis Feeney “No. I really don’t. I don’t really have an update on anyone. Yeah. I don’t have that.”


On Joe Mathis and Dwayne Washington not playing “Joe (Mathis) has been banged up, so we decided it would be best to sit him and get him fully healthy. Hopefully he will be back next week. Dwayne (Washington) got dinged in warm-ups again. That’s the second guy we’ve lost to warm-up stuff..”


On if Dwayne Washington is out for the year “No.”


On why the running game couldn’t get established in the first half “No sense without putting the tape on. I think it’s just that inconsistency. At times it’s pretty darn good. I though overall we did not run the ball well enough. We had a couple of long runs. I thought Myles (Gaskin) did a good job, but I didn’t think, just my initial impression, that it was what it needed to look like and we need to get better there. We need to try to figure out a way to create more explosive throws down the field. They were doing a nice job. They were dropping a lot of people, playing soft coverage. That’s a little bit hard. We still have to figure out how to do that.”


On what led to calling a timeout on the touchdown drive “There was a lot of confusion; we had the wrong people out there. First and goal and we got hit four yards deep. A play was called and the guys ran out there, it was loud, those types of things, and it was going to end bad, so we called a time out to get a better play and we ended up scoring. It hurts when you’ve got to do that.”


On Vernon Adams and the Ducks converting many third downs “They have some very good players, so I think there’s a combination of guys making plays, but also, in my initial impression, he bought some time. He kept his eyes down field and stayed in there a couple of times, but then he would scramble around. Those are the plays that hurt the worst; him adlibbing and finding guys. Those are hard to defend. All the coverage rules go out the window. We do work on it, the scramble drill, on both sides of the ball. We didn’t execute that well enough on defense.”


On the Washington pass rush “Well, it certainly at times wasn’t good enough. I’ll look at the tape and see who those guys were.”


On if he pulled K.J. Carta-Samuels aside before the last drive and said anything to him “No. He was thrown into about the most difficult situation you can throw a guy into. I think the lesson there is you have to be ready to go at all times. We had this conversation with our coaches earlier, it’s like guys start to fall, not just the quarterback, and a lot of guys are like ‘oh, I’m buried in the depth chart’ or ‘I’m not going to get my chance.’ It always happens and you have to prepare just like you’re the starter.”


On what made him choose K.J Carta-Samuels over Jeff Lindquist “He’s a guy that we said if something happens to Jake (Browning), he would be the guy. He’s been practicing pretty well and throwing some good balls and that kind of thing. It’s a little unfortunate we had to put him in in that situation to see if he could really operate not in a panic-frantic mode.”

What was your sense of your clock management down the stretch, especially with the touchdown drive on? - “We were trying to get the best plays we could get. We could have had a little more urgency, but we’ll go back and analyze that as well.”


Any thoughts that this could be a long-term injury with Jake? - “I don’t think so, but I hope not. I really don’t. They came over and said when Jake was trying to loosen it up and it just didn’t seem like it was going to go.”


Was it his throwing shoulder? - “I don’t even know.”


Even with the emphasis for hitting lower, another targeting call - “It’s disappointing. It hurts us. Brian Clay’s been playing well for us. He’s been doing a good job so now he’s going to miss another half. Guys gotta learn. It’s a safety thing for themselves and for the other guys.”


How vital was it the way Oregon responded at the end of the half with points and with their kick return after your long run? - “That hurt. Hat’s off to those guys. They have explosive returners. We were worried about those guys in the punt return game and in the kick return game. We’re going to put the tape on and we already know we got out of our lanes, that type of thing. They answered right away. That took the momentum right out of our sails. If we pin ‘em back and get another stop, the game kind of changes. It just didn’t feel like we played well enough at all, obviously - in all phases. On defense we did some really good things, but then that return hurt us. Special teams and that kick return really, really hurt us. We were close on a couple kick returns ourself and we really couldn’t pop anything. And then on offense we were so inconsistent.”


Did you see a hold on Vizcaino during that return? - “No. I didn’t see the hold. I saw someone get blocked out of our lane. That’s the thing I saw.”


How much did losing Dwayne Washington in warmups impact your passing game? - “I think anytime you lose an explosive guy like that it’s hard. Dwayne’s really explosive in space and really good in the pass game and next man up. That happens.”


Was it hard to stick with the run game because you were having to play catch-up all game long? - “It was. You’re kind of wanting to throw the ball downfield and take some shots but they were really playing some soft coverage and really dropping off. Again, we’ll analyze the tape on our end as coaches and we can do better. Just like we talked to our guys; that’s all we can do is control your area of responsibility. Let’s get better. And it starts with the coaches. We’ll figure out how to put our guys in positions to be successful.”


After so many blowout losses do you feel encouraged coming so close, or is it even worse? - “I don’t really think about it like that. I don’t pay attention to how long it’s been. We’re here now and we had a team that, if we play like we’re capable of playing we could win. We didn’t. We had too many self-inflicted wounds. I’ve seen us play better, and I think that’s sometimes what you get with a young team. We get these spurts where it’s like, Wow. Why can’t they do that every time? But it’s that inconsistency. There’s good players on the other side of the field that make us inconsistent, but that’s going to be the trick. Do we show up at practice with a chip on our shoulder and try and get a little bit better each week?


What needs to get better in the first quarter? - “That’s a great question. We talk about starting faster. We juggle practice…we start practice right out of the gate and right away you go and…it’s something we get into the whole time. I don’t know how to answer that.”


Say anything to Azeem Victor before he goes out there the second half? - “It’s hard when you come in like that. There’s a rhythm you get into in a game with emotions where everybody’s kind of settled down and he’s got some pretty good adrenaline going. It is what it is; it’s good to have him back out there. I thought the ‘backers were pretty good; we missed a few things but I thought they played well for the most part. Ben Burr-Kirven, our freshman in there, I can’t wait to watch the tape to see what he did. He’s out there playing hard.” Top Stories