VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski Post-Game - Oregon Ducks spoke with Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski post-game after the Huskies dropped another game in their series with Oregon - this time 26-20 at Husky Stadium.

On the game plan going in “Play tight coverage and try to control the run game. For the most part we did a decent job of that. Their quarterback hurt us scrambling and not plastering and sticking to the receivers. Without watching it, those are the things that stuck out. Him scrambling around, us having chances to get him down, not getting him down, him scrambling, and then our coverage losing the guys on the backhand a little bit.”


On if he expected Vernon Adams to start “Yeah.”


On if it felt like a repeat of what Vernon Adams did to Washington when he was at Eastern Washington and if he brought the same stuff to the table “Yeah. He’s very elusive and he’s got a good arm. If we just wrap him up or sack him a couple of those times or plaster coverage better when he starts scrambling, the bottom line is we have to execute. We were there and did a pretty good job all night long, but those handful of plays just killed it.”


On what he thought of players like Psalm Wooching or Ben Burr-Kirven who played big roles tonight “I think they all played their tails off, there’s no question about that. I think we just have to minimize those little lapses so we execute better.”


On if there are any positive takeaways from tonight’s performance “We fully expected and believed that we were going to go in and get a ‘W,’ so anytime you don’t it’s disappointing. These guys play their tails off every week and there was no difference today. We just have to make more plays.”


On if he can sense this defense is close to where he wants them to be “These guys, they fight. They’re tight. There’s no question that we’re right there. At the end of the day, competitors battle and play hard, but the other component of that is you have to execute. For most of the day we were doing a pretty good job of it, but a handful of plays we could do better.


On if it’s tough to watch officials miss calls “Yeah, you always get frustrated with that kind of stuff but that’s part of the game. That’s not an excuse and we don’t use it as a crutch. We have to do a better job with our hands and get stronger and that kind of thing..”


On how he thought the defense handled Azeem Victor's absence in the first half “I thought pretty good. Ben (Burr-Kirven) and Scotty (Lawyer) did a pretty good job out there. I think when Azeem (Victor) came back he was overly amped up and over ran a couple of things and missed a couple of tackles. Next guy up and they did a pretty good job.”


On if this game felt like progress defensively from last year when they played Oregon “There’s a saying ‘stats are for losers,’ right? We lost. I feel good about our effort. We are making progress every week, but to be that elite defense you have to make those plays all the time.”


On if the targeting issue needs to be addressed this offseason “Brian (Clay) led with his head. That’s a targeting. If he had hit him with his shoulder, I would be upset about it. He led with his head. He hit him in the shoulder but he can’t lead with your head. You can’t do that.”


On how he felt about the defense’s ability to pressure Vernon Adams “I thought the d-line and the linebackers we were blitzing did a good job getting pressure on him. There’s no question. There’s a reason why he was scrambling around. That was good.” Top Stories