VIDEO: UW OC Jonathan Smith - Oregon

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to reporters after the Huskies' 26-20 loss to the Oregon Ducks Saturday night at Husky Stadium. UW amassed 385 yards total offense, including 180 yards on the ground, in the losing effort.

On what happened to Jake Browning “He took a hit later in the game and he wasn’t able to come back.”


On when the hit was “I want to confirm, I think it was on the play where he scrambled out with the illegal hands-to-the-face call on that last drive.”


On what he hurt “I’m not certain right now.”


On the final touchdown drive and why they weren’t trying to push the tempo more “Just because we were changing some groups. We were feeling it was a two score game. We were trying to get a couple of calls in there. We spent a little time in the end that in hindsight we would have taken back, but we needed to make sure we got the one for sure.”


On if he said anything to K.J. Carta-Samuels before he went on the field “No. It was a pretty tough spot for the kid. They were dropping pretty soft in coverage. Obviously, without any timeouts, we need to be able to push the ball a little bit. They were punching out in coverage so we had the underneath stuff and the scramble and the check down, but it was getting to the point where we needed to push it. The kid was trying to make a play.”


On how much Dwayne Washington was missed “He was missed. He was missed. That came from pregame.”


On what happened that made it hard to move the ball in the first half “A little bit of the procedure. We had some penalties and the sacks. That was tough.” Top Stories