VIDEO: UW NT Elijah Qualls Post-Game - Oregon

Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls spoke to the media after the Huskies lost to Oregon 26-20 Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On if he was surprised Oregon threw on third down with about a minute and twenty seconds left “Part of me yes, part of me no. I definitely figured they’d want to get the clock running, but at the same time Vernon (Adams) had been making plays scrambling on his feet and throwing it down field, so why not?”


On how disappointing the loss was “Twelve years disappointing.”


On if he expected Vernon Adams to play “I mean, we didn’t know. We prepared for it. The dude’s an athlete. We don’t have a quarterback, as far as on our scout team, that can simulate what he can do. The dude is a hell of a quarterback. We just tried to prepare for him as best as possible. We definitely pressured him. He just made plays. We knew he could.”


On if it was noticeably different without Azeem Victor in the first half “There’s always a difference. Scotty (Lawyer), Ben Burr-Kirven, all those dudes, Sean (Constantine, did a good backing him up. They played their hearts out. It’s just like having your one defense you’ve been playing with so far all year and you knew you were going to playing with during spring ball, I put in a little more work watching film and being able to communicate with Azeem (Victor), Keishawn (Bierria) and those dudes. It’s going to be different with different personnel.”


On if he senses the weight and importance of this rivalry “Definitely. You don’t even have to be here for those twelve years to just understand what that means for yourself and other people. The fact that the other program doesn’t respect you because they beat you for so many years; I’m a big person on earning someone’s respect. If I keep beating somebody, I’m not really going to have any respect for them either. They have all the reason to see us as not as rivalry, even though we put in a lot better of a game than we usually have, but they keep winning.” Top Stories