VIDEO: UW Receiver Jaydon Mickens - Oregon Ducks

Washington Receiver Jaydon Mickens spoke to the press post-game Saturday night at Husky Stadium as the Huskies lost to Oregon 26-20.

On losing to Oregon “It’s real tough. To know that I’ll never get a chance to beat Oregon is even more tough. With this young team, I’m just proud of the way we fought to the end and held an offense like that to 26 points. If we could have done a little more offensively we would have pulled that out, but that’s an ‘if.’ They won today. Congratulations to them.”


On if he knew Jake Browning was hurt “I really didn’t know until we got the punt and I saw him on the sideline stretching. I had no clue.”


On if the offense felt like they could score and win at the end “I knew we were going to go down and get it done. I knew it was going to be hard, but we practice that; we practice the two-minute drill, no time outs and we need a touchdown. We do that against the top defense in the PAC-12 and we’re successful with it. It didn’t work out. It didn’t pan out for us. K.J. (Carta-Samuels) did some great things by keeping us alive with some scrambles. Unfortunately not a lot of time was left for him to get anything done so he tried to make the most of his opportunity and tried to make a play.”


On if he felt before the game the offense would be able to move the ball better than they did “Yeah, for sure, but they had a great defensive scheme. We weren’t firing on all cylinders; we came out slow. It happens. We just have to go back to the drawing board and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”


On how to improve on slow starts “It’s a lot of different things. Coverage-wise there are a lot of different things we can do better as receivers. I can’t speak for the other position groups, but I know that we can do better as receivers to maybe get open faster or maybe we run more precise routes for a young quarterback. We could have done a lot of things better to start fast, but now we go back to the drawing board and get back to it.”


On the feeling after his touchdown catch “It’s not over. That was the feeling. It’s not over. People were getting discouraged when they’re down 13-0 with Oregon and knowing they can score at any time on the field, but I know this football team and I knew we were fight. Throughout the sideline there were a lot of guys encouraging each other and were letting people know that we’re a good football team as well, just like them. After that touchdown, I just knew it wasn’t over.”


On if he said anything to K.J. Carta-Samuels when he came for the final drive “I just told K.J. ‘go in there and have fun. Realistically, no time-outs, one minute and thirty seconds or less on the clock, and we’re on our side of the field. For him to push the ball down the field and do what he did, you know, the last play, it happens, especially when they know we’re in a passing down and they know we have to throw the ball and they’re back deep. Other than that, I like the way he went out there and handled himself.” Top Stories