VIDEO: Washington Receiver Dante Pettis - Oregon Ducks

Washington Receiver Dante Pettis spoke to the press after the Huskies lost 26-20 Saturday night at Husky Stadium. Pettis finished the game with four catches for 65 yards.

On what contributed to the offense’s slow start “I just think it’s details really. As you can see, once we get going we can really move the ball. I feel like we have to clean up the little stuff in the beginning of the game. Hopefully that will get us to start faster.”


On any specific details to focus on “I know for receivers, like for me, blocking on the outside a lot of times, a lot of receivers will take plays off if they’re blocking. It’s just like stuff like that you have to hone in every down and understand that your block could be the one that springs the guy loose.”


On the feeling in the huddle during the last touchdown drive “We practice that every week. It’s nothing new to us. We were pretty comfortable in it, because, like I said, we practice it every week. We knew what we had to do, we knew the situation, but we couldn’t get it done.”


On if there was ever a sense that the offense needed to hurry more on the last touchdown drive “I don’t think so. I think we had a pretty good feel of how to do it. Like I said, we do it every week. We try with different scenarios so it just comes down to getting it done.”


On what started to work passing the ball in the second half “I honestly don’t know. Over routes, stuff attacking the middle of the field, that obviously worked. The slants, stuff in the quick game, that worked as well.” Top Stories