VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski - Stanford

Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski spoke to the media Tuesday about Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan, running back Christian McCaffrey, the Cardinal’s offensive line, and missing UW safety Brian Clay for the first half of Saturday night’s game versus the Cardinal in Palo Alto, Calif.

On Brian Clay out for the first half against Stanford and the impact that makes “First we’ve got to do a better job of lowering our strike zone. As far as the game it’s an opportunity for Jojo (McIntosh) and Zeke (Turner) to step up and show what they can do.”


On if Brian Clay’s hit was a heat of the moment type hit “Yeah. It’s heat of the moment. You can’t lead with your head. If he leads with his shoulder I don’t think it’s an issue. If you drop your head and lead with your head that’s not safe for anybody.”


On if a starter between Ezekiel Turner and Jojo McIntosh has been picked “Not yet, no. They’re both out there because they’re both going to have to play. They’re both out there working.”


On how different Stanford’s offense is with a bell cow back like Christian McCaffrey “No different than what we just faced. There are a lot of good running backs in this league and he’s just another one of them so we have to show up with our ‘A’ game and we have to do a good job getting off blocks and tackling.”


On how a back like McCaffrey changes Stanford’s offense from last year when they didn’t have as much of a consistent threat “I see it the same way. They’ve always been a good running team. I think last year, if I recollect it, they spread the carries out a bit more. He’s getting more carries and so he’s getting more production.”


On Stanford’s experienced offensive line “They’re seniors. They’re older. They’re mature, strong, big guys that have been in that system a long time and they execute extremely well. For us to play how we want to play we have to match that intensity and be physical. We have to do a great job getting off blocks.”


On if it’s hard to fathom Stanford’s loss to Northwestern considering what they’ve done since “That’s football. Week-to-week you’re striving to get better. They’ve done that. Obviously they’re a lot better than what they did that first week.”


On if there is anything different Stanford does schematically than he expected “No. They get in the big personnel. They have some run plays out of that. A lot of two backs with an extra tackle or tight end. They get in eleven personnel and still run the ball there and throw it more.”


On Kevin Hogan “He had a really good game against USC throwing the ball. He made some really nice throws into tight windows. He’s always been a very consistent player for those guys managing the game with the style play they sue and when he throws it he makes good decisions and puts it where receivers can have a chance to catch it.”


On how good Vernon Adams was outside of the pocket last weekend “Yeah. It’s a combination of us doing a better job tracking down. He’s a real good player and he’s a hard guy to corral. We can do a better job of leveraging him in the pocket and keeping him in the pocket and when he does get out we need to do a more consistent job of plastering the receivers and staying tight and being disciplined with our eyes. A handful of times it hurt us.”


On how to stop Stanford when they put extra lineman in the backfield “You have to match physical play with physical play. You know what they’re going to do, they’re telling you what they’re going to do, and so it’s about playing low, getting physical, getting off blocks and trying to get penetration. It’s old school football. Back in the day that’s all they did. Now you have all these open sets. What Stanford does is different now because everybody else is so open and the tempo and spread the ball lateral. They’re the team that lines up and they’re down hill, running power and two-back plays. Everybody jokes ‘what’s a fullback? What’s this two-back stuff?’ You look at the nation and they’re the outlier. They’re the different team.” Top Stories