VIDEO: Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake - Stanford Cardinal

Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake spoke to the media Tuesday about how his group performed in the Huskies 26-20 loss to Oregon and how they plan to deal with the size of Stanford's receivers and also the explosiveness of Christian McCaffrey as the Huskies travel south to face the Cardinal Saturday night in Palo Alto, Calif.

On the defense's performance against Oregon “It was a hard fought game I wish we could take back four plays, some scramble plays, that their quarterback did a good job of extending the play and heaving it up down field. Those four plays, their receiver made the play and we didn’t. That’s what we need to work on. We have to make sure we do a better job of plastering the wide receivers and playing the extension of the route. When a route lasts that long we have to stay on them and knock the ball down.”


On Stanford’s offense and their game plan “It’s a very, very big football team overall, a very talented offense. They probably have the most talented all-around running backs we’ve seen. He does everything. He’s a great receiver out of the backfield. I’m talking about (Christian) McCaffrey). He’s a really good runner. The receivers are big. They have a really detailed, pro-style offensive system. They’re going to ground-and-pound and they’re going to throw the ball up to these big wide-outs. We definitely have a big challenge in front of us.”


On Christian McCaffrey and the stress he puts on defenses “It’s a huge challenge because obviously we’ve got to be worried about him behind the quarterback when they’re handing the ball to him. Now all of a sudden they get out in space and he’s on linebackers and it’s a mismatch problem. They throw him quick little routes. He’s a really good runner with the ball in his hands and they do a really nice job of getting the ball in his hands in all kinds of formations. Then we have to deal with him on special teams. He’s the kickoff returner. He’s the punt returner. He’s an exceptional football player.” Top Stories