VIDEO: Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls - Stanford Cardinal

Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls spoke to the media Tuesday about his play against Oregon and what to expect from the Stanford Cardinal as the Huskies travel to Palo Alto Saturday.

On how many snaps per game he’s playing “70, and one game around 80. Anywhere between 60 and 80 snaps.”


On if he’s surprised he plays so many snaps “No. We’ve been in some tight games and everything like that and whenever it’s a tight game you want your one base out there, your best players, and your tightest group. That’s kind of why the rotation has been like that. It’s not like we don’t have people like Greg (Gaines) and Vita (Vea) that can back me up and play to. Coach rotating them in honestly ends up being more of a pride thing. I can’t sit back and just not get in this game, especially when it’s a tight game. Me kind of subbing myself whenever I finally catch my breath and things like that. Coach rotating is not trying to keep anybody out; he knows we have a bunch of good d-lineman, so it’s more my fault than anything.”


On if there’s debate between coach Choate and him with regards to subbing “No. We definitely have an understanding. He rotates my when I need to be rotated. When I’m tired and I want to stay in but he knows I cant keep going on and play like I should he’s going to rotate me, whether I want to be out or not. As soon as I catch my breath and I’m trying to go in and I get the good to go call from him, I’m hurrying back in there as fast as possible.”


On going back home to northern California “It’s definitely a big time game being a game close to where I’m from. At the same time, I can’t prepare any different than I have from any other game; I can’t make it more or less than what it is or what I have done with the past games. If I all of a sudden need to prepare more for Stanford, then I wasn’t doing my job in the past games preparing good enough for those. I’m going to prepare for this game just like any other game. I put in as much time as far as film and technique and analyzing film as much as I can.”


On if there’s something about the way Stanford runs their offense that gets him a little more pumped than a normal game “Me personally, I’ve always been a guy that likes to test myself; I like to go up against the best, even in high school. I always wanted to go up against whoever was state champions and anything like that just so I can try to see who the best players are and where I’m at compared to them. This is probably the best o-line we’re going to face so far, so being able to go up against that and down-in-and-down-out just hard nosed football, honestly it’s going to be fun.” Top Stories