VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith - Stanford Cardinal

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith talked about Jake Browning, as well as tempo during the Huskies' last touchdown drive against Oregon and what forced UW to call a crucial time out during the drive.

On an update about Jake Browning “We really have nothing new. It’s day-to-day. He’s battling with it. We’re not sure at this point.”


On K.J. Carta-Samuels and Jeff Lindquist “Both of those guys are getting a good amount of reps this week and mix it in. Both guys we feel like we can do some things with.”


On what he saw from K.J. Carta-Samuels that earned him the backup job for the Oregon game “He had done some good things in clutch periods through camp. That was really the call there.”


On if they’re installing anything to move faster during important late drives with little time “We talked a lot during the quarter like ‘okay, we’re two scores down. We have to get one done here.’ I think looking back on it, maybe a little less shift in motion on my piece. I would say that. Really what killed us was the timeout call. It is what is. We have to score. All three losses we’ve had the ball with a chance to do something. We’ll continue to battle. We have to be able to finish. With five minutes, we would maybe like it to be four minutes, but definitely get a score.”

On if it’s risky to run the hurry up with such a young group “Yeah. It is a young group and you want to do the best things that they know and can execute. You look at the drive and it was well executed, it just took a little longer than we would like.”


On the timeout called on the fourth quarter touchdown drive and why it was called “It was just a little bit of back-and-forth on the play versus the personnel group, because we had d-linemen in the game. We had to get some guys off and that created a little confusion.”


On if that decision was based on what he saw with Oregon’s defense and he thought they needed to change personnel to make it work “No, it wasn’t as much the defense as it was were we expected the ball to be on the next play.”


On Blake Martinez and how to beat him “He’s a really good player. You’re going to know where he’s at; he’s in the middle. He’s around the football all the time. He doesn’t stay blocked. He has great football IQ; he can recognize in the run game and pass game. He’s a good player on all ends. They have some other guys that create some havoc, but he’s been very productive.”


On what the Stanford defense does right “They force you to earn everything. No one is getting any kind of trick plays, guys are well covered, there aren’t busted coverages, they fit their gaps, they make you earn everything you get out there.”


On if he would like his receivers to make more of an impact in the passing game “I think you want a ratio. I don’t know the exact ratio. Obviously the wide receivers are there to catch the ball, but we’ve kind of distributed. You can’t zero in on one group, because we’ve thrown the ball a little bit to the tight ends and backs. I think there is some benefit there.” Top Stories