VIDEO: Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser - Stanford Cardinal

Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser spoke to the media Wednesday about the evolution of his offensive line, what to expect from them going forward, how going up against an aggressive UW scout front can help prepare for Stanford, and if it matters who is playing at quarterback for the Huskies when it comes to OL prep.

On the progression of the line “I think we are making progress in the run game. I think that’s showing up for us, because I think Oregon is fairly stout in the run game. We’ve made some progress there. I don’t think overall that that’s totally the deal though”

On how hard it is to pick up the pace with a young offensive line and a true freshman quarterback “I think part of the deal is we’re not necessarily and up-tempo offense, which it seems 90% of the country is. We try to take advantage of the guys we have, the youth we have, and slow the game down for those guys a little bit and let them see it. In our mind on the sideline we knew we were trying to save time and get in the end zone as quick as we could. Some of these young kids probably had no idea what was on the clock. We had to score a touchdown. That was first and foremost, then go from there where we could. Would we like to safe another minute? Yes. But getting in the end zone was first and foremost.”


On the Stanford front seven “There’s a reason these guys are near the top in the conference every year in defense. I think they were number two in the country in defense last year. They’re fundamentally tremendous. Coach Hart, who’s been here for a long time, coaches the defensive line there and those guys are as good in the d-line as anybody, like ours. I think this defense is very, very similar to ours in the sense that they attack you; they don’t sit back and read a lot of stuff. They attack you.”


On if the defense here gives them a great scout of Stanford’s defense “Yeah. Schematically it’s different, but I think fundamentally they have some similarities, which are very different than some of the teams we play. I think that helps us. Our guys attack. A lot of times we go into games and play teams that are a little bit more readers. I think it takes us a minute to adjust to that after going against our guys for a week, so that’s to our advantage. Scheme-wise the defense are different.”


On if he appreciates Stanford’s desire to play the game in a phone booth “We’ve done that for many, many years a while back and I did enjoy it for sure. I also know those years that we were kind of ‘pack it in there and run,’ and then we had Kellen (Moore) and took some plays and spread it out I enjoyed that too. I’m all about scoring more points. Do I like the fact that they get in there and hammer and do I appreciate what Stanford does on offense? Yes, for sure.”


On how the inconsistency of the offense relates to what’s going on with the offensive line “Certainly that’s where it all starts is up front. You can talk about wanting to be more consistent possibly in the pass game, but if the quarterback isn’t protected really cleanly it’s hard to get that done. WE have had very few assignment busts, which is a positive thing. We’ve had some stuff where guys have taken advantage of maybe oversetting a guy. We just have to be cleaner on that stuff so we can be more consistent.”


On how the possibility of having a new quarterback this weekend that moves a little bit more than Jake Browning does changes the plan this week “It really doesn’t. It’s kind of like how we have a couple different backs back there with different styles, but our guys don’t even know who’s in the game, so with K.J. (Carta-Samuels) or with Jeff (Lindquist) back there, K.J. was back there for the last series of the game last week. Those guys don’t think any different. What they know is that if the quarterback is running the d-line is going to turn and chase him and that’s when they need to go.” Top Stories