VIDEO: Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha - Stanford Cardinal

Washington Running Backs Coach Keith Bhonapha spoke to the media Wednesday ahead of the Huskies' Saturday night game at Stanford, and he talked about the development of Myles Gaskin and his ability to remain consistent, as well as the status of his other running backs, namely Dwayne Washington, Lavon Coleman and Deontae Cooper and also Stanford’s physicality.

On how the team has bounced back after the loss to Oregon “Well I think one of the big things we always talk about, especially within our groups, is making sure these guys are getting better week after week. Obviously we want to come out of the game with a ‘W.’ The guys went out there and worked hard, but if you look at the facts of the situation we didn’t play well enough to win. I think a lot of the guys have that focus and we came into this week really trying to be detailed an take that next step, speaking for my group, not only in pass protection, but in the run game as well.”


On the development of Myles Gaskin “I think the biggest thing with him being a freshman playing right now is just how comfortable is with the offense. He’s taken a next step as far as the game not being to big for him and being able to get in there and stay in there on different things where it’s not overwhelming. When you talk about the maturity that he has being a freshman out there and being able to play, I think that’s really important.”


On how Myles Gaskin has done with things like pass protection and learning the playbook “To answer your question I guess he’s still picking it up as we move along and it’s a step-by-step process. As we know, it’s gradual. We try not to put too much on him. With that being said, the things that we have put on his plate  he’s been able to take care of.”


On if he’s surprised by Myles Gaskin’s production “I wouldn’t say I’m surprised by how productive he is, because even during the recruiting process being able to watch him play I saw him do a lot of the things he’s doing right now. I think what’s most surprising for me is just a guy who was on a bus to go play Seattle Prep a year ago is now out there and his maturity level. The game is not too big for him. He doesn’t get full of himself. He just takes it all in stride and is continually trying to get better day-after-day.”


On if he prefers more consistency with Myles Gaskin’s runs rather than a few big plays “It’s interesting you say that. I really think the big runs are a bonus for Myles. The one thing that you will see when you watch him play, when he gets the ball in his hands, it’s going to be  2- to 3-yard gains, 4-yard gains, and 5-yard gains. He is a very consistent runner. He’s very patient; he uses the leverage of his blocks and gets vertical. To have him have a couple of breakout runs is nice for me because it’s like ‘okay, this is a bonus.’ I really think that’s where his strength is, really fighting to get those extra tough yards. That’s where Myles is a different player.”


On the status of Dwayne Washington and his role moving forward as well as players like Deontae Cooper and Lavon Coleman “All theses guys are ready to go. Dwayne (Washington), Lavon (Coleman), (Deontae) Cooper, all those guys are ready to play. The big thing is really helping those guys understand that we have to consistently get better as a group and you might get 10 plays, you might get 20 plays, you might 30 plays, but with that being said you have to take advantage and be 100% in those reps that you get. This is college football; it’s big boy football. The better you do the more you play.”


On Stanford’s defense “You watch these guys on film and you can tell they’re well coached. A lot of people say these guys play hard. Sometimes you hear ‘play hard’ and it’s like they’re deficient somewhere. These guys are good football players, tough and hardnosed. They have a great scheme. These guys play hard. We’re going to have to bring our ‘A’ game on Saturday.” Top Stories