VIDEO: Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease - Stanford Cardinal

Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease talked Wednesday about his receivers, working on separation, the leadership of senior Jaydon Mickens despite lower production this season, and going up against man-to-man coverage Saturday night against Stanford.

On the chemistry between the quarterbacks and receivers “I think there’s been some improvement. I think it’s still a process. I think there have been improvements.”


On if the misses show up more than good connections do when talking about chemistry “Yeah, especially, and it’s kind of different with segments. Maybe some deep, deep progressional throws we have to get on. It’s not necessarily get on the same page, I think the guys know; it’s just cleaning up some details on route structures and where they’re going to be in that.”


On why it was seemingly harder to get open downfield against Oregon than it was against USC “I need to look at the film to see what we’re seeing from that. I’m not going to say anything about that. I think it’s still the tighter the coverage, the better the DB, the more the ball is going to be tougher to catch that you have to make by the receiver.”


On what it is about Stanford’s secondary that makes them so tough even though they have very few interceptions “They play a lot of man. Sometimes when you’re the eyes aren’t on the ball even though you’re defending a lot of passes you have a lot of pass breakups. It forces with play calling something a little different on throws because you cancel out a lot of routes at times. That’s kind of what they do. They play a lot of man.”


On what he expects from Jaydon Mickens moving forward as the senior leader amongst the receivers “I think he’s been out there. He’s done every job. He’s provided leadership. He’s grown in that process.”


On if he expects Jaydon Mickens to be more productive in the second half of the year “You’ve got to get him balls. Sometimes that requires you to get open. Sometimes you have to match what we’re doing. I don’t know if he’s going to get the same production as he had two or three years ago or last year, but I think he’s doing a good job that way. Do I want this kid to have 1,000 yards? Yeah. Do I want him to have 80 catches? Yeah. But I don’t know if we’re structured that way.”


On if Quinten Pounds can get his redshirt back “I’m hoping on that. Yeah.” Top Stories