VIDEO: Washington Receiver Brayden Lenius - Stanford Cardinal

Washington receiver Brayden Lenius spoke to the media Wednesday ahead of the Huskies' Saturday night game at Stanford, and Lenius talked about the lack of a deep passing game and Stanford’s man-to-man defense and the opportunities they’ll have Saturday night, as well as the confidence and chemistry they have with the Washington quarterbacks.

On the improvement of the offense and the receiver group from last year to this year “I think we’ve gotten a lot better since last year. We’re making more plays and we’re moving the ball on offense more. You can just see in each game sometimes we start off slow but we still connect on big plays. We’ve had more big plays than last year so it feels good to get the ball downfield more and have more plays to get the ball downfield.”


On if throwing the ball downfield seems like more of a viable option this year than it was last year “Yeah. Actually, it’s hard to tell. Last year and this year we had good receivers; we only lost Kasen (Williams) and DiAndre (Campbell), so we really have the same receivers as last year. I don’t know. It’s hard to tell.”


On if throwing downfield will be harder against a defense like Stanford “No. It should be another team. You have to look at it like another team. They play more man so that’s more one-on-one coverage and more chances to get the ball up and throw downfield.”


On the confidence level the receivers have with K.J. Carta-Samuels and the other quarterbacks “He’s confident. All of our quarterbacks are confident and that’s a good thing. They know the system and it’s just easy to play. Each quarterback and each receiver, we all have chemistry together. The offense still rolls with whatever quarterback is in.”


On if there is any difference between the quarterbacks and their chemistry with receivers “No. We just have to do our job and make the plays. They have to put the ball in the right spot. Then we’re clicking and we’re good,”


On if the quarterback situation made practice different with different guys taking reps “No. They all switch reps in each drill and each team segment. We have the same amount of chemistry with each quarterback. They throw all of us passes so we’re good.” Top Stories