VIDEO: Washington Center Siosifa Tufunga - Stanford Cardinal

Washington senior center Siosifa Tufunga spoke to the press Wednesday ahead of the Huskies' Saturday night game at Stanford. Tufunga talked about the offensive line and how close they are to having that breakout game now that a starting five has begun to solidify itself, as well as Stanford’s defense and linebacker Blake Martinez.

On if whoever is in at quarterback changes how the line plays “Whoever is under center, we still have to do our job as an offensive line and protect whoever’s in the backfield and continue to do what we do. I don’t know what the situation will be. That’s all I got.”

On what he sees from Stanford’s defense “They are a solid unit. We’ve watched a lot of film on them. They’re hardnosed guys that like to bring it every down, down-in-and-down-out. It’s going to be on us to bring that toughness and bring that passion on energy.”


On how hard it is to go out and block Blake Martinez “It’s going to be on my, and on us as well as an offensive line with tight feet and techniques and stuff like that. We’re going against good players and a great team as well.”


On if the offensive line is close to a breakthrough now that players’ roles are getting solidified “Yeah, I feel like we have a lot of young guys trying to step up and take over the huge rolls that were left behind. It’s going to be on us to trust each other, communicate with each other, and continue to keep fighting and be tough.”


On his classes and his major “Right now it’s a general studies class, a sports psychology class. We talk about mental health and stuff like that and everything that has to do with sports and team culture and stuff like that. I graduated already this past June, so I’m getting my degree in American Ethnic Studies and a minor in anthropology so this class that I’m taking now is just a class I wanted to take.”


On what he wants to do with his degree after football “Right now I don’t know yet. I’m hoping to continue to play football and hopefully I’ll make it and stuff like that. We’ll figure that out after.” Top Stories