VIDEO: Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen Post-Game - Stanford Cardinal's Kim Grinolds spoke with Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen after the Huskies suffered their fourth loss of the season, 31-14 to the Stanford Cardinal.

Opening statement “Tough game. It’s a tough football team we played and they executed at a very high level in all three phases. When we can’t anything going in the first half offensively it just puts too much stress on everybody else; it makes it a very hard game. In the second half we got a little something going, but they’re a good team that can answer right away, which they did and put us back on our heels. They’re a good football team. Down the road we’ll be a good football team but not tonight.”


On K.J. Carta-Samuels “The first half was rough in terms of the game is different than practice. The second half, he kind of settled in a little bit. You can that he can throw the ball; he can make good throws. He really can. I was proud of him. I’m glad we left him in there to keep slinging it. He made some good decisions. We’ll analyze the tape and see exactly what he could have done a little bit better. It starts up front and kind of goes quickly to the quarterback.”


On if they ever considered switching things up at half “No. I wanted to give him a little more time and see how it goes. We had five runs and they worked. We left him in a little bit and he got the chance to throw a couple of good balls.”


On if he felt limited in what plays could be called with K.J. Carta-Samuels “Well, I think he knows what he’s doing, but I think the first game against a good defense, we wanted to be fair to him. We didn’t want to put our defense in a bad situation and have an untimely turnover or anything like that. You’re kind of playing that cat and mouse game a little bit.”


On if the only way to help to the struggles with the quarterbacks than just give them time “No. If they keep working hard and keep practicing, it’s not just the quarterbacks. You’re right, we do have to have good quarterback play and we will get good quarterback play and we do have good quarterback play, it just needs to be more consistent. We have a young front too. That definitely can lead to some quarterback issues. I think the o-line is doing a decent job of run blocking. I think they’re doing some good jobs for Myles (Gaskin). We’re still a little inconsistent there, but at times we come off and we’re physical; you can hear it and you can feel it. We keep guys covered up and we see Myles being able to find the creases. I think we need to make some strides in our pass protection.”


On how tough it was to have some guys getting banged up against such a tough offense “It was going to be tough, even when you have all your guys, and then you come in here a little short handed. But you talk to every coach in the country and everybody’s going to say the same thing. It’s a hard game and you’re game seven into it and you’re not going to have all your guys and a lot of the guys you do have are playing banged up and sore. That’s just how it goes.”


On if there’s a concern about players getting discouraged during a tough stretch in the schedule “Well, I think you always have to pay attention to that as a coach, I don’t care if they’re young or old. We do; we play a brutal, tough schedule. So all we can worry about is ‘are we getting better?’ You see flashes, it just has to be more consistent. I know this crew is going to be good. I can’t put the timeline on it, but I know it. Part of the deal is we have to analyze it. We don’t have to feel sorry for ourselves and we have to play better next week.”


On if when he looks at a team like Stanford with a lot of experience he thinks that Washington will be like that when experience is gained “I’ve said this. Stanford, they kind of build it how you’d like to build it. They have big, physical guys. They’ve got old guys. Some of the old guys, even on the defensive side, they’re fairly new faces to the roster. I think they’ve played. There are enough guys that have played out there that there’s a good blend there. They play hard. I think Coach Shaw does a good job here building the program how it needs to be built.”


On if Christian McCaffrey was more impressive in real life than on film “That’s a good question. The only reason I say that is because he was so impressive on tape. I’d say he’s as good as advertised for sure. He has such quick feet and he’s one of those guys that never crosses his feet over. Those guys are kind of rare, but they’re very quick. He always plays with great balance. I think that makes him a very hard guy to tackle. He’s not going to go down unless you tackle him. He’s so patient with his blocks. You can see that when he returns kicks. Most kickoff return guys just try to catch the ball and head as hard as they can. You can see he’s patient on kickoff .returns. Really good player.”


On if the key point of the game is when Stanford matched Washington’s touchdown to open the second half “That was hard. I think we could have gotten the ball back without a touchdown. I think our guys would have felt better about things, but good football teams can answer.”


On if the decision on Browning was made before today “We had our mind made up coming into the day. He didn’t take a lot of reps during the week. He did throw the ball during the week. K.J. (Carta-Samuels) and Jeff (Lindquist) took the majority. We felt it was important to go that direction.”


On if Jake Browning was a senior in a game like this that he would have played “That’s a hard question for me to answer. I don’t know. He’s a freshman. I still think he would be pretty dialed in, but I think it’s important for K.J. to get some reps; I really do. I think those will pay-off down the road. You can’t just have one of anything in this game, you just can’t. Guys have to be ready to play.”


On if there’s a hope that Jake Browning will be back next week “Yeah. I think there’s a big hope.”


On an update on Kevin King “I think Kevin (King) is fine. I think he just banged his leg. He’s been a little beat up as well. I don’t think it’s anything new.”


On any signs of encouragement from the loss “Well, yeah. We’ll put the tape on and we’ll find signs of encouragement. The bottom line is these guys get it; there’s a scoreboard there for a reason and when that doesn’t come out in our favor they feel it. We all feel it. The only way to get rid of that feeling is to go out and play better and get a win. That’s the bottom line. They’ve been a pretty resilient crew; they have. I’m encouraged that they’re going to show up to work tomorrow. We’re going to get better and play better next Saturday.” Top Stories