VIDEO: Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski - Arizona Wildcats

Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski talked Tuesday about freshman linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven and knowing early on that he would be a contributor. Kwiatkowski also talked about Rich Rodriguez’s offense and their ability to put points on the board as the Huskies prepare to face the Arizona Wildcats Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On what the challenge is against a team that moves and scores as quickly as Arizona “We would prefer three-and-outs, you know. The nature of their offense is they go with some tempo. They lead the nation in first downs. They do a good job of getting in third and manageable downs. It doesn’t change from week-to-week other than the scheme and the plays we have to defend. We want to get as many three-and-outs as possible and create turnovers, but at the end of the day if they do move the ball on us and get in the red zone, that’s where we’ve got to tighten up and hold them to field goals.”


On the philosophy of the Rich Rodriguez offense “In a nutshell, he’s going to run the ball. If you load the box with more people to play the run, the quarterback is going to pull it and throw the ball. It’s a run-pass option. It’s all really on the quarterback to either give it, pull it and run it, or pull it, run it, and throw it. That’s what we call run-pass options. In a nutshell that’s what they do and on third down they do some more drop back pass fro third downs and they mix in some play-action and different things on mixed downs.”


On if the Arizona offense is unique to their school or common across the country “Oregon is run-pass option, they just do it a different way. They have some more vertical stuff in the pass game. Baylor, all these schools, that’s what they do. If you load the box they’re going to throw it. If you play the run they’re going to do that. If you spread it out to play the pass then they’re handing it off or letting their quarterback run it.”


On if he ever thinks about last year’s loss to Arizona “Yeah. Any loss is tough, but, yeah, that was a heart breaker for sure.”


On any takeaways from that loss to Arizona that could help Saturday “The game’s never over until it’s over, until it says00:00. Whether you’re down or you’re up, you keep battling and competing and when it’s 00:00 you can enjoy it.”


On Ben Burr-Kirven “Ben (Burr-Kirven), he’s been good. He’s picking up the defense, picking up how to play his position, he’s playing faster, and not making as many mistakes. What I think Ben is going to do is he’s going to go full speed. Now he’s going full speed in the right direction.”


On how early they identified Ben Burr-Kirven as a true freshman that would play “Pretty early on, just the way he was running around, the way he was picking things up. Whether he was going to play much at defense, at the beginning of the season we felt like he would be a contributor on special teams and as the season went along he would learn it and he would be in the position he’s in now to play more on defense.” Top Stories