VIDEO: Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory - Arizona Wildcats

Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory spoke to the media Tuesday about freshman linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven and his development, as well as a tough Arizona offense as the Huskies face off against the Wildcats Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On how taxing it has been on the linebackers to switch back from preparing for Stanford’s powerful scheme to a more standard spread scheme “That’s the PAC-12 now, which is awesome. We get to see all these different types of offenses. I do think going to a two-back power team like Stanford is a little bit different now, so being able to have your fits right and all that is a little bit different. I think really going back to the one-back style, that’s kind of what these kids are growing up doing all the time in high school now. So it’s a little bit easier for them to visualize and get ready for a one-back team than it probably is a two-back team.”


On if the fact that Washington seems to play the PAC-12 leaders in offense week after week shows the strength of the conference “Yeah, how about this league and offenses? It’s unbelievable. Yeah, you’re right. It does seem like that. Every week is a new offense that presents new problems and new challenges that we have to make sure we face and do it well.”


On what he can take away from last year’s tough loss to Arizona “I think our guys have been playing very hard. I think we played hard in last year’s game I think we need to create more turnovers and it always comes down to stopping the run. If we stop the run we’ve got a chance.”


On Ben Burr-Kirven “I think he’s going to be a really good football player for us. He’s doing a great job on special teams. Yeah, he got more reps on defense in the Stanford game than he has. He’s a really smart football player. He’s going to be a good football player for us over the next few years.” Top Stories