VIDEO: Washington Secondary Coach Jimmy Lake - Arizona Wildcats

Washington Secondary Coach Jimmy Lake spoke to the media Tuesday about going from Stanford's phone-booth offense to Arizona's spread attack and the stress that places on the secondary, as well how Brandon Beaver's season-ending knee injury changes things for the secondary as the Huskies get set to face the Wildcats Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On the Arizona offense “Their quarterback is in the run game. This is a completely different offense than we’ve faced all year long. You have to make sure you account for the quarterback. A lot of this offense, you see a lot of high school offenses run this, where the quarterback is in the run game and you have to have that extra fitter to tackle the quarterback. It’s a lot like the Seattle Seahawks when they end up pulling Russell Wilson; you need that extra defender there to tackle the quarterback. All of a sudden you start donating more guys to stop the running back and the quarterback and all of a sudden it’s a pass. If they catch it, it ends up being a long play. That’s why these guys have a ton of explosive plays. That’s why they’re leading the conference in points right now. I think they’re way up there in rushing yards as well, because now you start donating all those guys and a couple guys miss a tackle; then that guy is out of the gate.”


On why he thinks the defense was so successful last year against Arizona “First, it starts with the players. They played really hard. They played extremely hard; they tackled really well. We had to change our scheme a little bit obviously to match what they did. I think we had a little different deal than they had seen all season long. So we’re going to have to change it again this year to make sure they don’t kind of get a beat on what we’re doing. It first starts with the players. We played really hard against those guys last year, we tackled really well, but we still gave up a couple pass plays because it was such an ‘all hands on deck’ trying to stop the quarterback and running back and then all of a sudden he’s pulling it and throwing downfield. We ended up giving up some explosion plays last year that we have to eliminate this year.”


On how much of a difference the decision between Jerrard Randall and Anu Solomon makes “Yeah, it really does. I think we have to respect both of them, because I think they’re both really good athletes. Also, if you look at the numbers,(Jerrard Randall) is almost the leading rusher on the whole team at quarterback, but (Anu) Solomon is a heck of an athlete too and he can get out there and run. Whichever guy is back there we have to honor. If they’re keeping the football we have to make sure we’re ready to go attack and tackle him.”


On what happens with his depth without Brandon Beaver “A lot of switching and moving. That’s what we’re prepared for as coaches. You always have that next guy ready to go. You have to think three moves ahead. It’s like playing chess. We’ve had these plans in place since the beginning and so we just have to move different guys around; different guys know different spots. We’re always prepared for the worst.”


On Ezekiel Turner's performace against Arizona “He tackled really well. He came up. I’m sure their running backs are pretty sore after that game; a happy sore because they won the game. He came up and had some really nice, physical tackles. We would like to have that first touchdown pass back. All those plays, I put that on me. If a guy didn’t make a play it comes back to coaching. We definitely would like to have that pass back. I thought he tackled really well and he was prepared.”


On if big hits on quarterbacks make them more hesitant to keep the ball on options “Yeah. I think so. I think you definitely have to make sure, if their quarterback keeps it, you have to make sure they feel like a running back for sure. There’s no playing paddy-cake with them, that’s for sure. If he wants to be a running back we have to treat him like a running back and make sure we hit him.” Top Stories