VIDEO: Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls - Arizona Wildcats

Washington Nose Tackle Elijah Qualls spoke to the media Tuesday about the newest challenge to face the Huskies' defense - namely going to a high-octane Arizona spread attack after playing against Stanford. The Huskies face the Wildcats Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

On what it’s like switching from an offense like Stanford back to a more common spread look “We’re going to get back to what we do, more of a three-down. We played a lot of four-down against Stanford; that was more of a gap-scheme, power offense, so we wanted to put as many people in the box as we could. Now we’re going back to three-down because we’re expecting more lateral plays, quick passes, outside screens, and zone reads. Just getting back to what we’ve been working on all season.”


On if it ever feels like the defense can’t catch a break squaring off against one of the top offenses in the conference week after week “No, we don’t want it. Every time we play what is a good offense or a high-powered offense or somebody that scores, that’s our opportunity to show how good of a defense we are. We’ve done, foe the most part, pretty good against these high-powered offenses. Stanford ran for 180, but they’ve been putting 320+ rushing yards on people all season, putting almost 60 points. I saw an article that said they ran at will against us, when I saw they had 180 yards on 40 carries and that’s almost half of what they usually do. I feel like we’ve been doing pretty good against all these offenses.”


On what he remembers from Arizona last year and the sudden change near the end that was the difference maker “It’s football, so anything can happen. We’ve had plenty of games this season that were basically done for like ‘okay, we won this game’ and it ended up getting lost on the last second. I never relax until that final second is off the clock and we have won that game. Then we can celebrate.” Top Stories