VIDEO: Washington BUCK Travis Feeney - Arizona Wildcats

Washington BUCK Travis Feeney talked to the media Tuesday about getting healthy, freshman linebacker Ben Burr-Kirven, and preparing for another good Pac-12 offense this Saturday against Arizona in a Halloween 'Blackout' game.

On what the adjustment from an offense like Stanford to an offense like Arizona is like “It’s not really that hard. We played Oregon two weeks ago. You’re always playing a quick-tempo team or a power team. It doesn’t matter whatever it is. Playing so many spread teams as it is, it doesn’t really make that much of a difference for us.”


On if this Arizona offense is similar to what it was last year “They do a little different, a little different personnel. They play a lot of eleven-personnel; a lot of counters and stuff back like that. We’re going to be ready for them coming back. We know they have a quarterback who can run. They switch in (Anu) Solomon and (Jerrard Randall), and that guy can run and make plays. A lot of play makers.”


On if it’s difficult to prepare for two quarterbacks “Not really. I think it’s a good challenge. It’s exciting. It’s exciting to take a challenge like that and somebody who’s been making big plays and doing big things, it’s exciting to face another top couple of guys. They have a lot of good players on that team.”


On having a lot of players banged up “It’s normal. That’s with any team. Every team all around the conference has guys who are beat up and injured. It’s just the game of football. You’ve just got to get guys back healthy as much as they can be and then get ready to go out and play Arizona.”


On if it was hard to manage how much he played against Stanford with how little he practiced “No. I’ve been dinged before so it wasn’t anything like that. It was just knowing that we just want to make sure everything is good and get back out there. This week everything is fine and we’re ready to go.”


On Ben Burr-Kirven “Ben (Bur-Kirven) is doing good. He’s exciting, man; he’s exciting. The kid always wants to learn and always wants to just get better everyday. He asks a lot of questions. The effort he puts in everyday in practice and everyday in games, the kid’s going to be something else if he keeps working like this.”


On if there’s something different about Ben Burr-Kirven that most freshman don’t have “I mean, there’s a lot of true freshman and a lot of guys that have a work ethic like that.He has a work ethic not like many other guys. You don’t get a guy who can just run down every play and is just going to run no matter what. He might get lit up on an ambush on kickoff, which he did, and then came back and made the play the next kickoff. Usually some people get punched in the face and they back off; that guy gets punched and then keeps punching back.” Top Stories