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Dawgman.com Predictions: Arizona Wildcats

Trick or treat? How are you feeling about this game, Dawg fans? The Arizona Wildcats, after scraping by with a one-point win over Washington last year, come to Seattle and Husky Stadium Saturday to play an 8 pm game. Will Husky Stadium prove to be a Haunted House for the 'Cats? Here's our predictions on the game.

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (4-3):

You would think we should win this game since we are at home.  We played Stanford a tad better than them, yet we don't really know if Jake Browning will be starting.  Ok now I am sounding like a whiny little...  well you know.  I think this will be a close game.  They are a more efficient team than us, but their level of competition is lower in my opinion than we have played.  They own all the offensive stats,  We own all the defensive stats.  Our defense will keep us in this game.  It all depends on whether the offense can start to consistently, move the ball, and score some points.

Prediction: Washington 31-27

Luke Mounger - Intern Extraordinaire (3-4):

The Wildcats have held opponents to 30 points or less just three times in eight games. In seven games, the Huskies have only scored 30 or more twice. However, Washington has only allowed 30-plus in two games, while Arizona has scored 30 or more seven times. This Halloween matchup features a scary Husky defense and a terrifying Wildcat offense. Which will emerge victorious? While the Washington offense has struggled to score points, Myles Gaskin has emerged as a consistent threat out of the backfield. He’ll have a big game against an Arizona unit that allows 170 yards per game on the ground. The Wildcats will still move the ball, but will struggle to do it as easily as they’re accustomed to against the top-ranked scoring defense in the conference. The Huskies win a tough, hard-fought battle.

Prediction: Washington 31-27

Jay Torrell - Sports Washington/Scout.com (5-2):

Arizona offense good, Husky defense good.

Arizona defense bad, Husky offense bad. 

Arizona weather good, Husky weather bad. 

Ultimately I think good Husky D + bad Husky weather create the necessary turnovers that are the difference in the game.

Prediction: Washington 27-23

Chris Fetters - Editor (4-3):

Late game, Halloween - trick or treat? I think tricks will be played on both offenses Saturday night as Mother Nature has the final say. I'm going to go for a relatively low-scoring affair, one in which turnovers will be vital. The Wildcats have only thrown one interception all year long, so the law of averages has to kick in at some point. If Jerrard Randall starts and the rain comes in sheets, it's doubtful Arizona throws more than 25 times. Nick Wilson's questionable status looms large. Offensively, Washington is going to have to rely on Myles Gaskin heavily - a lot more than I'm sure they even planned on. This isn't a game to throw Jake Browning out in the mix unless he's 100 percent healthy, so I think K.J. Carta-Samuels is going to be tasked with finding a way to move the chains. Ultimately the Arizona defense makes some plays, and the Arizona offense will be able to move the ball a bit against a resilient Husky D - but the Husky Weather trumps all. This is a game the Washington players should relish, while we already know how Rich Rodriguez feels about it. The Wildcats don't want to be in Seattle Saturday night. Wet 'Cats.  

Prediction: Washington 17-16 

Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (4-3):

If UW is serious about winning this game, and you have to believe that they are, we should get a heavy dose of Myles Gaskin on Saturday night. It should be a 3:1 run/pass ration against this team considering what it looks like it's going to be like weather-wise. On defense, shut down the Arizona running game and you should be golden since Jerrard Randall can't throw it and Anu Solomon sure seems to have lost any confidence he had. Is Rich Rodriguez on the way out? That's the rumors floating around in some circles. UW needs this win...badly. 

Prediction: Washington 27-21

Kim Grinolds - CEO (4-3):

As of Friday, the weather for 8pm Saturday night sucks. And we still don't know who Washington's starting quarterback will be. With the way the team is playing, the game time, being Halloween, and bad weather predicted, I don't expect the crowd to be a factor at all. If the weather is indeed as bad as expected, the quarterbacks' ability to run is going to be key. Is that Lindquist or Carta-Samuels? Troy Williams was a disaster in similar weather last year.
Lots of yards on the ground, and we'll finally see Dwayne Washington make a difference.

Prediction: Washington 30-24

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