VIDEO: Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith Post-Game - Arizona Wildcats spoke Saturday night with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith, who was full of praise for his offense. The Huskies put up 468 yards and 49 points against the Arizona Wildcats in a 49-3 win at Husky Stadium.

On the game plan going into today “You know, we looked a little bit at what we did last year and some of the run-pass option and we did some of that tonight. It felt like we could run the ball in the heavier sets so you saw some early looks doing that I thought guys really just made some plays tonight. The run after the catch was big.”


On when he knew Jake Browning would be available “We had a sense during the week that he felt good, but he still needed to get out there and warm up to totally know. He felt good in warm-ups, so that was the moment I knew.”


On if the week when he was out may have helped Jake Browning “He looked fresh and sharp. It wouldn’t have been good for him to play last week. He was ready to go. I still don’t think he’s one hundred percent, but he played pretty well.”


On what he saw to call the Jake Browning run for a touchdown “That was all him. We were trying to sneak the ball. They crammed the box. He felt it was light on the left side and he just took off. That was all him.”


On if the touchdown run from Jake Browning surprised him “Yes. Yeah it did. I haven’t seen a quarterback sneak quite like that before. It worked out.”


On if there are any signs that Jake Browning is starting to get a rhythm and is ready to go “I think his rhythm comes. I do think when our protection is clean the guy can operate pretty well, if we can just continue to clean that up. I thought another thing that showed up was guys caught the ball and ran after the catch tonight. We had a couple of plays like that, which were big. (Joshua) Perkins caught a little hitch route on third-and-two and turns it into a touchdown. Isaiah Renfro catches another ball underneath and gets vertical for some more yards. Dante Pettis catches an in route and gets into the end zone for another ten. That showed up tonight, some running after the catch.”


On receivers like Isaiah Renfro and Dante Pettis making nice blocks on the perimeter “Guys were doing a good job on effort, especially on the little bubble screen we threw to Jaydon (Mickens). We got a nice clean block up there and he can create in space. We did some good things there.”


On what this performance does for the momentum of the offense “You’d like to think we’re building it. I think it’s still a process week-in-and-week-out, but there’s hopefully some confidence there. Guys got into a rhythm we’ve got to continue now.”


On getting guys like Jomon Dotson back in the mix at running back “Yeah, get him a couple of carries. We tried to do a little trick play with (Jomon) Dotson early that didn’t really work out very well, but he did a nice job. And it was nice to see Dwayne (Washington). To be honest with you, Myles (Gaskin) had been having a couple of good game. Now Dwayne got a couple of carries, made some explosive plays, and so that was nice to see.”


On what went well in the first half tonight that hasn’t happened much this year “I think early we took a couple shots down field. We didn’t hit them, but then we got a little spark. When we can stay on the field, I mean third downs and finding a way to be more explosive, we’ve got a chance and it showed up today.” Top Stories